few invincibles of the same level, and then talk about replacing them!”

Su Yu yelled, shaking deaf.
The audience gradually became noisy.
On the stage, Liu He lowered his head and said nothing.
Su Yu sneered and said, “After all this talk, no one dares to take the stage? Don’t say anything until the end, want to deal with me Su Yu, just go straight! Fight a life-and-death battle, and I will do it for you too! ”
Looking at the war zone, Chen Yong changed color.
He got up, looked at Su Yu, frowned and said: “Su Yu!”
Su Yu looked down and smiled: “Uncle, it’s okay! These people are 西安洗浴网 not in my eyes! As long as they dare, they only dare It’s their ability to fight in the same rank and kill me with integrity! They can’t kill me, but I kill them. That’s a waste of them! I don’t have the ability to
find faults , this kind of person is dead!” Sun Ge’s old man also stood up. Get up, look at Su Yu, with a cold look in his eyes: “Su Yu, do you want to fight a life-and-death battle?” Su Yu
calmly said: “What’s the point?”
Old Sun Ge looked at the monotheistic students, many of them bowed their heads. , Dare not look at him.
Old Sun Ge’s face turned gloomy!
Su Yu smiled and said: “As long as you dare, then come! I originally left the customs to fight a few life and death battles, let you know, if you don’t have the ability, be honest, why bother to jump all the time!”
“Just right, Take advantage of this opportunity, come together!”
Su Yu shouted: “I’ll give you a chance! One-on-one, you probably dare not! Now 5 on 5, as long as 4 of them do not turn back, I assume that they will not participate in the war, I am a pair V. bet a life and death, dare to do? ”
Su 西安夜生活论坛 Yu sound become more expensive,” even if defection, my one pair of 9, still dare to fight! As long as they dare to sell, I would then kill! you dare? ”
Quartet are lonely .
After a while, someone in the audience snorted, “Rampant!”
Su Yu looked at the person and sneered: “You come on stage! Sign the life an

“The restructuring of the Daxia Mansion is simple!” The

fat old man looked disdainful, “It’s so easy, why wait until now? The tradition of Daxia Mansion for so many years, what can be obtained on the battlefield, will not be obtained through the second method!”
“It’s a bit 西安夜网论坛 silly, in fact, I think Xiaoxia is a bit idiot, IQ is a bit low, but he has a big fist. !” The
fat old man said with emotion: “He has a big fist, and it hurts you to hit him. He looks like a bird like his grandfather ! The old man is also like a bird, he doesn’t have enough IQ, and he has all muscles. You have a ball for reason!” The
fat old man shook his head and shook his head. , The old man’s face changed a bit, and he didn’t answer any questions.
To say that King Daxia is like a bird is just your unfilial son. Others don’t dare to talk nonsense.
“So if Ten Thousand Heavens Saints can’t change even them, what else is the Daxia Mansion? The Daxia Mansion is not just these few people, hundreds of millions of people, and they have all been destroyed by these birdmen. They are in trouble, cut and cut. “Do it, do it, kill, kill, 西安耍耍网 kill.” The
fat old man said contemptuously: “I know they only have muscles and no brains, but I can’t help but watch and get beaten when I am not convinced. When I was a child, I was beaten, so what else can I do? The unfilial son of Xia Longwu, even his uncle dared to fight, 西安足浴spa what can I do?”
” Sage Wantian wants to reform, then find a way to solve it by himself, Lao Zhao is also brainless, with muscles, I am too lazy to reason with him. Let
Wantiansheng solve the trouble by himself!” The fat old man said, got up, shaking as he walked, “Also, starting from today, the next military order, Daxia Mansion will go out, the military expenditure will be 37%, and the Daxia Mansion will be 70%. They solve 30% by themselves, use the spoils to deduct them, and cannot sell the spoils privately! The Xia’s firm will buy them together and deal with them at a discount.”
“Master Hou!”
The old man whispe

time, and ten experiencers were wiped out. This scene can be described as spectacular. describe.

“Fuck! Fortunately, I just went in without an impulse. This was the most correct decision in my first half of my life!”
“This new scene is too ruthless! I heard from Boss Chen that this is just an excessive scene of a four-star scene. It’s difficult. Only between three stars and four stars!”
“If the devil also has his own name, he must be named Chen!”
“Boss Chen! Hello! Under your leadership, the New Century Haunted House has reached a glorious stage. Has reached a new height, 西安桑拿夜网 is it convenient to reveal how you did this?”
Pushing the corpse truck, Chen Ge was surrounded by a group of tourists. He himself did not expect that the annihilation of ten tourists would cause such a situation. Big sensation.
“First of all, I am very pleased that the haunted house can be recognized by everyone. This haunted house is left to me by my parents. It is my sustenance, and that’s all I can say.” Chen Ge looked for the figure of Uncle Xu in the crowd. He originally planned to rely on this visit to start a three-star semi-scenario, and at the same time create momentum for the upcoming four-star scene.
But what he didn’t expect was that the effect was far beyond his expectations. The tourists were so excited that even he was trapped.
“Boss Chen! We know that building a haunted house is not an easy task. Finding inspiration, 西安夜网论坛 polishing scripts, and designing props. You must have encountered a lot of difficulties during this period? What belief supports you to face all this fearlessly?”
Looking at the expectant eyes of the tourists, Chen Ge was not easy to 西安夜桑拿网 refuse: “I have poured too much emotion into this haunted house. From the creation of the scene to the experience of the tourists, the expectation and joy is beyond the experience of others, so you said Those difficulties are nothing compared to these. I have a responsibility from my bones, telling myself to make a haunted house no matter what, no matter wh

ready changed the blood on his body. Although he was also cursed at this time, he could barely hold on. “This is the family? I want to escape from the home I built by myself?” Seven faces appeared on the dean’s blood coat, which seemed to be his seven children. These seven faces kept screaming, and they cursed the dean all the time. No one knows why the dean became what he is now. Even Xiao Sun just heard some rumors. For some reason, the dean personally killed all his family members. Those half-human and half-ghost non-smiling in the hospital are mostly made by the dean using family blood. His real family was in his body and became the source of the curse. “The forgotten memories are deposited in the depths of the nightmare, forming an endless black mist. People always think that the pain can be forgotten, but the pain is always hidden in their hearts.” The dean in bloody clothes gently stroked the faces of his family members. Listening to their most vicious curse, his eyes slowly fixed on Chen Ge: “I have the same origin as Hei Mist, just the opposite of you. I hate everything good, and today I will reawaken those forgotten pains.”

Chapter 1200 I will let all eyes that are used to darkness see light
As the crowd rebelled, the blood-clothed Dean’s breath continued to increase. The faces of his family members began to twist and deform, and countless black thin lines were spit out from his family’s mouths, and all the stumps and corpses that touched the thin lines all stood up. “All the people who died in heaven are my family. Their 西安足浴spa souls cannot leave. This is 西安夜桑拿网 their only home.” The screams of 西安夜生活论坛 countless dead souls were mixed with the piercing laughter of the Dean in Blood, and the faces of the people changed from A sea of ??blood appeared in the corpse mountain, their eyes were weeping, but their faces all carried weird smiles! The bottom of this hospital is like a large tomb, where countless people have been buried. The power of the curse began to skyrocket, and thick black fog seeped from the b

opportunity needs it. You grasp it yourself!”

A loose repairer said in a deep voice , “The forbidden area is for the same level of cultivators to play? Otherwise, the Lord of the forbidden area will play, then we can simply give in. We don’t want this place. Anyway, it’s all dead!
” Of course it is the same level!”
Wen Yu laughed and said, “Whether you want to compete or not, you decide for yourself! If you don’t want to, leave now, and the quota will be taken back. You can live in the door with peace of mind!”
Go on?
How do you live?
When the three gates are united, there will inevitably leave a large number of strong people here. During this process, a large number of locusts appear, and there is no way to stop the gate, and it is dead!
After going out, there is still a chance!
They have no choice at all!
And at this 西安品茶网 moment, Su Yu suddenly interjected and smiled and said: “The forbidden area breaks Sanxiu, but he has no scruples! Sanxiu fights back, but he is cautious! I dare not kill, and I am afraid of being retaliated if I kill! Some people, if they are in a hurry, kill the people in the forbidden area, it’s okay. Let me take refuge in Myriad Tribulation Mountain! I’ll protect you!”
At this moment, the Necromancer also said indifferently: “Cultivating Necromancer Avenue , You can also throw into my necrotic hell!” As
soon as these words came out, some casual repairers’ expressions changed slightly.
Some heartbeat!
Yes, the people in the forbidden area have no scruples, but we have a lot of scruples. They dare not kill, and kill for fear of retaliation!
As for Wanjie Mountain, even though it was just established, all that can be collected are casual repairs, but there are not too many taboos.
But casual repair also knows that it is dangerous!
Sure enough, someone sneered, “Will the Mountain of Myriad Tribulations exist, let’s talk about it if we can live out of the Heavenly Gate!” The
casual practitioners 西安耍耍网 suddenly felt cold, too, the Mountain of Myriad Tribulati

alk nonsense.” Ren Suo used the age trick, an adult’s nirvana against minors.

“Cut.” Lin Xianyu jumped out of the hospital bed: “It’s fine for you. Every day is like a holiday. It’s like us seven days a week, five days from morning to night.”
Now high school students have much better refutation ability than before, I thought before. People have to go home and sleep for a night to come up with such a great reason.
Ren Suo watched Lin
Xianyu pick up his schoolbag and asked, “I really didn’t sleep for a while?” “I slept full last night, goodbye Ren. Brother.”
“Wow on the road!”
As soon as Ren Suo turned his 西安夜桑拿网 head, he saw Lin Xianyu’s pretty face dangling in front of him, and Lin Xianyu was also very happy to see Ren Suo’s reaction, touched his head and ran away with a smile. Up.
When the door of the treatment room closed, Ren Suo yawned himself, rubbed his temples and lay on the hospital bed.
He also thought of getting Lin Xianyu’s key while she was asleep.
“Forget it, as long as the relationship is good, there will always be a chance.”
Thinking like this, Ren Suo himself fell asleep in the treatment room.
In his sleep, Ren Suo felt like he had fallen into the endless abyss of the divine sea, being touched and approached by countless tentacles
. When he woke up, he felt that there were two or three hands on his hands.
“Really comfortable!”
“I can’t bear to wake him up.”
Ren Suo opened his eyes and saw Dong Chengling and other 西安耍耍网 nurses reaching out to touch his hair.
(╬ ̄車 ̄): “What are you doing?”
“It’s night now!” Dong Chengling said: “You slept all day.”
Then, she rubbed Ren Suo’s hair again. . The other nurses let go, but rubbed them again before letting go. 西安足浴spa
“So, why are you touching my head?”
“I don’t know, but I feel very comfortable!”
Ren Suo sat up and looked outside. The sky was already dark, and there was a big bird flying by, and so did Ren Suo. I can barely see it.
It’s May now, and looking at the time, it is almost seven o’clock.
“I actually sle

sir!” Zhuang Shikai led people into the core, and the police officers quickly retreated to make way. The inspectors of the teams saluted and greeted them quickly, and looked at the chief nervously.

At this moment, Chen Jiaju and Tian Yangsheng fought for a few minutes, hitting the car from the ground all the way, and finally jumping on the roof of the car.
“Papa Papa.” The
two stood on the roof of the car, one with sharp hands and feet, thrusting from the left to the right, and the other opening and closing, with sharp fists and feet . They played each other in a beautiful manner.
Chen Jiaju’s style is dexterous and alert, and his natural health-preserving style is fierce and decisive.
The styles of play are no different.
Their respective moves are also very representative.
But a horse is obviously not as good as a capital!
What’s more, the 西安耍耍论坛 strength of Tianyangsheng is full of “the power of the three capitals”!
Zhuang Shikai glanced over the 西安足浴spa crowd and immediately discovered that Tianyangsheng’s playing skills far surpassed those of the “Gaogang” and “Luo Tianhong” of the year. He is indeed a war orphan honed in the flames of war, with a “wolf soul”. Guys!
This is the “Wolf Soul” that can only be possessed by the best in the “Power of Beijing”!
And now Tian Yangsheng is determined to die. While hating the traitor, he wants to kill the police to bury his brothers.
He already knew he was in desperation and surrounded by the police.
Regardless of whether you can beat Chen Jiaju! Kill Chen Jiaju!
Will die!
“Boom!” Tian Yangsheng kicked Chen Jiaju’s chest and directly kicked Chen Jiaju from the roof of the car to the side of the road, staring at Zhuang Shikai ahead.
He obviously felt that Zhuang Shikai was higher than the others. Although Zhuang Shikai was wearing a suit and 西安桑拿按摩网 no uniform,
he had a very arrogant idea in his heart…
change to a higher-level killer!
Since the police wanted to keep alive, he took advantage of the chance to kill a big one!


Sun Hao didn’t expect this request.
Could it be that Holger was also attracted by his own personal 西安夜桑拿论坛 charm?
of course not.
After chatting a few more words, Holger and Sun Hao talked about something he hadn’t considered.
After Nash was traded to leave the team, the team organizes the question of who will relay.
This, Sun Hao really didn’t think about it carefully before.
Theoretically speaking, he is the one to relay.
But there is one thing to say, his passing is not so good.
And this is why Holt came to him.
Nash’s passing talent is unmatched by the Mavericks.
So either accept the blank left by his departure, or find a way to fill it.
Holt is not the head coach of the Mavericks. He can’t decide how the Mavericks choose, but he can decide Nowitzki.
His idea is to train Nowitzki’s passing ability.
But doing so meant to divide the organizational gap, and it was useless for Nowitzki to train alone, so he wanted to find Sun 西安足浴spa Hao.
Of course, Sun Hao couldn’t say that Bodi Loga might go to the Mavericks, because that matter hasn’t been written yet.
Moreover, he really should improve his passing ability.
Combo guards, as the name suggests, are not good at scoring.
Previously, he wanted to gain a foothold in the NBA, so he focused on one direction with all his strength.
Now that his scoring means and ability are enough for him to gain a foothold in the NBA, it is imperative to improve passing.
Moreover, both he and Nowitzki have developed relatively good passing abilities.
Bodilloga is here, and that’s the real thing.
Even if Bodilloga can’t come, the strength of the Mavericks has improved significantly.
Sun Hao agreed.
And in the chat, Nowitzki also told Sun Hao good news.
He also called Nash.
Although Nash has been traded to Golden State, it 西安夜网论坛 does not affect their private relationship.
Training together in summer is also normal.
Sun Hao looked forward to the thought of being able to train with that jealous guy again.
The next day, the quarterfina


n’t deliberately remind them that even if they were lost, the magic net could contact them.
Hellan took the prophet all the way to the alchemy shop called Klya.
“Are you sure it’s this shop” The
prophet took a look at the alchemy 西安夜网论坛 shop from left to right. It is located in the center of the Nolan Alchemy Market, which is the best location.
But what made the prophet feel a little strange was the people around, but few people had entered this alchemy shop, and the interior of the shop seemed a bit empty.
Quite a bit like a haunted house in the downtown area.
“Recently, there have been several incidents of magic loss in the Kriya alchemy shop.” Herland finally confessed in a low voice at this time.
“Then Helland, you still come here to buy things.”
Before the Prophet could speak, Helland’s friend Sansa took Helland’s hand for the first time.
“Herland, let’s go to the alchemy shop of the Lolaft firm.” The
prophet ignored the conversation between the two humans, her eyes were always fixed on the door of the alchemy shop.
In the shop, she saw a very familiar 西安夜生活论坛 figure, that is, the three princes of the demon world, Qiao Xiu.
This made the prophet hardly hesitate, and opened the door directly and walked into this alchemy shop that seemed to be closing down.
Chapter 316 The Prophet’s Ambition
Qiao Xiu is painting a wall of the Kriya alchemy shop with white paint reagent.
It 西安耍耍论坛 stands to reason that this kind of groceries should be made by the attendants of the Kriya alchemy shop, but the attendants of this alchemy shop are busy selecting those alchemical products of questionable quality.
There is no manpower available to install a TV in the store.
In order to experience the feeling of using magic to paint the wall, Qiao Xiu volunteered to take the job.
It’s just that this time, it was not the spellcaster lady who was with Qiao Xiu, but a girl who looked very young, but her mental age was not that young.
“His Royal Highness, I remember that Keriya Firm seems to have a cooperative