few invincibles of the same level, and then talk about replacing them!”

Su Yu yelled, shaking deaf.
The audience gradually became noisy.
On the stage, Liu He lowered his head and said nothing.
Su Yu sneered and said, “After all this talk, no one dares to take the stage? Don’t say anything until the end, want to deal with me Su Yu, just go straight! Fight a life-and-death battle, and I will do it for you too! ”
Looking at the war zone, Chen Yong changed color.
He got up, looked at Su Yu, frowned and said: “Su Yu!”
Su Yu looked down and smiled: “Uncle, it’s okay! These people are 西安洗浴网 not in my eyes! As long as they dare, they only dare It’s their ability to fight in the same rank and kill me with integrity! They can’t kill me, but I kill them. That’s a waste of them! I don’t have the ability to
find faults , this kind of person is dead!” Sun Ge’s old man also stood up. Get up, look at Su Yu, with a cold look in his eyes: “Su Yu, do you want to fight a life-and-death battle?” Su Yu
calmly said: “What’s the point?”
Old Sun Ge looked at the monotheistic students, many of them bowed their heads. , Dare not look at him.
Old Sun Ge’s face turned gloomy!
Su Yu smiled and said: “As long as you dare, then come! I originally left the customs to fight a few life and death battles, let you know, if you don’t have the ability, be honest, why bother to jump all the time!”
“Just right, Take advantage of this opportunity, come together!”
Su Yu shouted: “I’ll give you a chance! One-on-one, you probably dare not! Now 5 on 5, as long as 4 of them do not turn back, I assume that they will not participate in the war, I am a pair V. bet a life and death, dare to do? ”
Su 西安夜生活论坛 Yu sound become more expensive,” even if defection, my one pair of 9, still dare to fight! As long as they dare to sell, I would then kill! you dare? ”
Quartet are lonely .
After a while, someone in the audience snorted, “Rampant!”
Su Yu looked at the person and sneered: “You come on stage! Sign the life an

g Wei Yu added directly to the top “!

Yu Huang Wei, Su Yu?
Gui’s heart moved slightly, his eyes flickered, and he smiled: “Ye Huangwei recruited?”
Gui’s eyes flickered again: “It’s dangerous now. I heard that Yu Huang-sama recently encountered a powerful enemy.”
“That’s right!” What!” The
old man didn’t care, laughed and said, “Yu Huang can conquer everything!”
Gui was speechless. These people were all brainwashed by Su Yu!
They are the second-class pinnacle, Su Yu is fourth-class, and still defeats everything. Without me, he would have been beaten to death long ago!
However, it 西安夜桑拿论坛 is rare to meet such a enthusiastic person at this moment, and Gui is also excited. You can chat with this person. As for Su Yu, even if he tells himself something, it may not be true.
Soon, the two talked happily!
Su Yu didn’t bother to care about what Gui was doing and thinking.
Nonsense, 西安足浴spa it’s such a big place, and all Gui meets the blue sky, what can the blue sky say to Gui?
Su Yu didn’t care about this.
At this moment, he found that today is simply his lucky day!
A lot of power of rules!
Moreover, it feels a little different from Ten Thousand Realms.
Not only so vaguely, Su Yu even discovered that there seemed to be a complete first-class avenue. Su Yu’s eyes changed instantly, and King Wen killed him over there. This is not unusual. The key is that King Wen was completely stripped away. The power of the other side’s avenue!
Su Yu’s face changed suddenly!
This requires extremely strong strength, and for myself, it is simply great!
He is familiar with this great power!
“The Way of Longevity!”
Su Yu felt comprehend and murmured, he didn’t feel wrong, or that the Way of Life is fine too!
Su Yu inhales! 西安耍耍网
Who will King Wen fight with?
Killing a strong man who is in charge of the Dao of Life, and completely stripping away the Dao of the other side, is this going to leave it to himself and improve his power of the Dao of Life?
There is also the Great Way of Life in the Worl

a complete set of exercises in one go, or reopening 36 or suppressing the repulsive force of the acupoints, fuck, do you really think you are a god?

It’s normal if it blows up!
When he reached 34, Zhao Li almost pulled off his beard. If he didn’t blow it up, he would be crazy.
Fortunately, it finally exploded!
Su Yu frowned, stepped forward to check, and sighed, Zhou Hao’s fate 西安耍耍论坛 is really great!
Yes, Zhou Hao’s fate is really big.
I’m not ready to try it anyway!
Originally planned to give Zhou Hao a try directly, because Su Yu was very satisfied with his derivation. If it hadn’t been for Zhao Li to help him deduce the magic method last time, he hadn’t thought of asking someone to help.
It can only be said that Zhou Hao was lucky, but he discovered the problem. Zhou Hao should thank Su Yu for his responsibility and Zhao Li for his model.
Su Yu likes himself in his heart!
I’m really responsible, and I’m still thinking about the test product.
“Teacher, I have run to this point. I am a little bit repulsive. Look at what caused this.”
Zhao Li is not in a hurry. He can run up to 34, which already means that this exercise is basically formed.
The follow-up question is not too big.
After checking it, Zhao Li 西安夜桑拿论坛 adjusted the association methods of several acupuncture points, and quickly installed one of the previously exploded acupuncture points, and said: “Try again, in addition, if you need this thing, take one back. Next time, don’t try new exercises indiscriminately. It’s easy to get into trouble.”
“Thank you, teacher.”
Su Yu didn’t ask about the price. It was definitely not cheap.
Zhao Li has no money, because he really has no merits.
But the old man has a lot of good things and a lot of materials. If his warehouse is willing to sell, he doesn’t know how much he can sell.
While trying a new method of exercise, Su Yu asked: “Teacher, if this is successful, you can try it
. How many have you opened these 36 acupuncture points?” “24.”
Zhao Li looked at it. At a glance,

d by a succubus.

” And I don’t 西安品茶网 think there is anything wrong with this deception. Right.”
Qiao Xiu stood on the edge of the forest and looked at the wooden house where Marina lived. Inside, we could hear Marina talking with Ino.
Judging from the performance of which business woman just now, she has indeed regarded Yinuo as her relative, and enjoys this kind of time talking with her relatives.
And Eno seems to have gone too far into the play.
Qiao Xiu didn’t want Eno to have any real feelings for the business woman. The family love exchanged by deception was as beautiful but deadly as a poppy.
When the filming is over, the character Belle no longer exists.
Why can’t it exist?
If the business woman can accept Yinuo’s true identity, Qiao Xiu wouldn’t mind letting Yinuo live with her.
“Maybe we can develop a business of summoning demons in the future.”
Qiao Xiu doesn’t think there is any evil in the rumored ritual 西安桑拿按摩网 of summoning demons. Everyone asks for each other according to the conditions written in the contract, using modern methods. Business partners.
It is rumored that the cost of the summoning ceremony is that life is too horrible.
But in reality, human lives really have no effect on demons. They can neither eat nor use to improve their own strength, so if you replace it with something more practical, such as money, you can accept it a lot.
Hilli doesn’t know how many times he has heard inexplicable words popping out of Qiao Xiu’s mouth.
“The Devil Gang, the Devil’s Intermediary Office, the Devil’s House of Everything, etc., may also drive the economy of the Demon World and the human world. The propaganda slogan uses a summoning formation to help you solve all your problems. Well, it’s just one of my thoughts.”
This is just an idea of ??Qiao Xiu, and this idea is based on the premise that humans can trust the devil.
To accomplish this goal, Qiao Xiu will take a long time, but now the first step is to shoot the movie.
At present, the story in the v

constantly rising, reaching more than 23,000 votes.

In the voting for the semi-finals, the audience can choose a contestant in each round. While Roya’s singing has been appreciated by the audience, many audiences think that the shabby 西安夜桑拿论坛 boy’s singing cannot win such an excellent opera. Home.
The scales of victory seem to have begun to tilt.
“Thank you.” Luo Ya bowed to the audience, and then looked at Home, who was standing on the other side, with a slightly abusive gaze.
At this moment, Holm knew 西安桑拿按摩网 that it was finally his turn, and the host also walked over and handed him the protospar with strong inscriptions.
Holm’s legs trembled towards the front of the stage, his eyes turned to the audience sitting on the stage.
The cheers and applause stopped at this moment. Holm felt the doubtful eyes from all directions. The boos from the audience in the last game seemed to have echoed in Holm’s ears.
He couldn’t help shaking his hand holding the original spar, but the accompaniment rang at this moment.
Must sing. Holm puts his mouth in front of the microphone, but his brain is blank.
He has forgotten all the lyrics of the lyrics. The
accompaniment has been going on. It has reached the point where he should start singing the first lyrics, but he finds that he can’t sing at all.
The audience’s questioning eyes turned into contempt, 西安品茶网 and huge pressure surrounded him, and Holm felt a little faint and nauseous in his head.
In the end, he couldn’t help covering his mouth, and the first line of lyrics turned into a voice of vomiting.
On this stage, he directly vomited what he had eaten in the morning, and he knelt on the ground weakly.
The audience did not boo him this time, but laughed one after another.
“Is this the clown hired by the organizer”
“This kind of performance shouldn’t appear on the stage.”
“I have heard his singing yesterday, and indeed shouldn’t be on this stage.”
All kinds of discussions poured into Huo. In Mu’s ears, Holm vomited all the stomach acid in his stomac

e old paper that has been yellowed or even blackened, Gawain saw a tower with an absolutely weird style in the eyes of humans in this age. It is indeed standing on the surface of the sea as Modil said, with a metal base, and there are many complicated and delicate external structures on its surface.

Gawain was instantly attracted by this hand-painted drawing, and he took it seriously. I actually watched it several times until I completely printed it in my head.
Frankly speaking, he could not see any additional information from this manuscript-lacking the necessary skills and knowledge accumulation, this precious manuscript is just a picture, but at least in terms of style, it is incompatible with Gao. Some of the 西安耍耍网 models that Wen saw on the holographic 西安耍耍论坛 miniatures of Cangqiang Station have similarities, which proves that they are indeed the legacy of the “God Killing Fleet” of the past. As for more Modil Wilde, after all, he is only a human mage, and has never touched those facilities in space. The sketches he left may be accurate in general, but the details are not necessarily reliable-he Only relying on strong memory to describe the external structure of the tower, it is inevitable that there will be errors and omissions, and it does not have too high reference.
Afterwards, Gao Wen continued to look down:
“I tried my best to remember the scene I saw in the air and painted it. I don’t know what value this picture will have in the future-I just feel that I I’m afraid I won’t have the second chance to approach the dragon kingdom in my lifetime, and it’s also difficult for other 西安品茶网 humans to get the same experience as mine, so I want to record as much as possible, I only hope that these things will be useful to future generations. Helped.
“The dragon lady who claimed to be Merita put me on the base of this huge tower—or on this steel island. She showed me a route and said that I could enter the tower. In some open areas around, some abandoned buildings can block the wind and sun, but she