the note and read it softly.

“Flowers send a glamorous willow on the waist, and the goddess peeks at Fengyue Grottoes. Lang holds the spring organ and plays softly, and the sister welcomes the autumn rain for nine nights.”
A very frivolous poem.
It can 西安足浴spa also be regarded as a love poem, which roughly means that a young girl moves her heart, and is in harmony with a man, one playing the piano and the other dancing and flying to the sky.
The other students snickered, and the student who took the note lowered his head in shame.
Jiang Hao thought for a while, 西安洗浴网 did not scold him, patted the student lightly on the shoulder, and said: “It stands to reason that you are already fourteen or five years old. When you are young, I can understand these thoughts.”
“But, The county exam only has less than a month. Do you think there is still time to see these? If you can pass the exam, it will not be too late to see these.”
The student was even lowered by Jiang Hao.
“Teacher, I was wrong.”
Jiang Hao smiled.
“And let me tell you, this poem of yours is very finished. It is full of charm and delicacy in its frivolousness. It is not elegant. If you want to write love poems, you must be knowledgeable. What is said in the Analects, Zi said: “” “Guanju”, happy but not lewd, sad but not hurt”.”
The student who was taken the note by Jiang Hao was very courageous. He raised his head to see if Jiang 西安桑拿按摩网 Hao looked angry, and asked cautiously.
“Teacher Xu, how do you think love poems should be written?” The
other students all looked at Jiang Hao enthusiastically.
Youth, liveliness, desire for the opposite sex, yearning for love, this is nature.
Jiang Hao thought for a while, and said, “I made a new poem recently, so I’ll tell you the first half.”
“There is another story here . I went to the riverside that day and saw a hunter hit a wild goose. Her lover kept screaming in the sky, and finally saw that the wild goose died. The one in the sky did not fly away, but fell down and fell to death.”
All the st

e old paper that has been yellowed or even blackened, Gawain saw a tower with an absolutely weird style in the eyes of humans in this age. It is indeed standing on the surface of the sea as Modil said, with a metal base, and there are many complicated and delicate external structures on its surface.

Gawain was instantly attracted by this hand-painted drawing, and he took it seriously. I actually watched it several times until I completely printed it in my head.
Frankly speaking, he could not see any additional information from this manuscript-lacking the necessary skills and knowledge accumulation, this precious manuscript is just a picture, but at least in terms of style, it is incompatible with Gao. Some of the 西安耍耍网 models that Wen saw on the holographic 西安耍耍论坛 miniatures of Cangqiang Station have similarities, which proves that they are indeed the legacy of the “God Killing Fleet” of the past. As for more Modil Wilde, after all, he is only a human mage, and has never touched those facilities in space. The sketches he left may be accurate in general, but the details are not necessarily reliable-he Only relying on strong memory to describe the external structure of the tower, it is inevitable that there will be errors and omissions, and it does not have too high reference.
Afterwards, Gao Wen continued to look down:
“I tried my best to remember the scene I saw in the air and painted it. I don’t know what value this picture will have in the future-I just feel that I I’m afraid I won’t have the second chance to approach the dragon kingdom in my lifetime, and it’s also difficult for other 西安品茶网 humans to get the same experience as mine, so I want to record as much as possible, I only hope that these things will be useful to future generations. Helped.
“The dragon lady who claimed to be Merita put me on the base of this huge tower—or on this steel island. She showed me a route and said that I could enter the tower. In some open areas around, some abandoned buildings can block the wind and sun, but she


can only last for a while, although I thought it was useless, it seems that it should be done by one hand.” The
gatekeeper hummed, “Interesting,” But I just can’t teleport into it, I can walk over, or use magical techniques to knock this hot man flying from a distance.”
Chen Liao shrugged, holding an alloy long sword in each hand and holding it flat, like a ten ‘The word lies across the ice at the gate of truth.
“Just right.” Chen Liao found that his sword length could reach the edge of the ice layer: “This is the distance I am best at.”
“Gatekeeper, I am a guardian just like you.” 西安洗浴网 Chen Liao said, “Gatekeeper. , Since you know so many secrets, then you should also know the two thousand five hundred miles of mountains and rivers in our Great Wall, right?”
“Of course.”
“Do you know who I am?”
“You are Chen Liao, The new measuring ruler of the Great Wall of China is responsible for Yu Jian’s secretary, nanny, and” the gatekeeper said lightly: “Guardian.”
Everyone looked at Chen Liao and You Jian in shock. They had always pierced the world, and even dared to break through the fairy palace. There was a guardian in the Taoist You Jian? Isn’t he guarding others?
Chen Liao smiled and said: “You know a lot, thanks to the wrong love of the leadership, I am actually
stronger than the gentleman who is not upright, and my husband guards me more often.” “My spells are not good, and my cultivation base is not strong. As the 西安品茶网 guardian of my husband, I It’s really a misnomer.”
“The only advantage that can be brought out is that”
Chen Liaowu laughed out a dizzying chaotic sword flower:
“No one has ever crossed my sword fence, nor can you, sir, how about you?”
:. :
Chapter 765 Use your spells to pretend to be your force
On the 14th floor of the Storm Orb, the gatekeeper quickly strengthened to 87% of the original base, and the first attack on each enemy must trigger a combo.
On the 16th floor of the earth bead, the body strength and aura defense power of the gatekeeper have


he coast The cargo ship directly sent the submarine over and turned him into an accident.”
A “Virginia”-class attack nuclear submarine was moving in the silent deep sea. The satellite positioning was very clear. Their target this time was a cargo ship. For Meilijia This new level of multi-purpose attack nuclear submarine, this task is simply a piece of cake.
The “Virginia” 西安耍耍网 class nuclear submarine is the main force of the US military in offshore operations in the 21st century. The first ship was completed and put into service in 2004. So far, 29 ships have been built, 115 meters long and 10 meters wide, just like a large cigar.
With a displacement of 7,800 tons, an underwater speed of 25 knots, and a diving 西安桑拿夜网 depth of 250 meters, a nuclear reactor can be used for 33 years with a single charge, basically for a lifetime.
It is equipped with 12 “Tomahawk” cruise missile vertical launch tubes, 4 533 mm torpedo launch tubes, which can launch k48adcap heavy torpedoes and “Harpoon” anti-ship missiles. The onboard electronic equipment is equipped with advanced c4isr combat system, which has extremely combat capability. Strong.
“Report to the captain that a combat plan has been made. The freighter will arrive at the scheduled location in two days. According to weather forecasts, there will be a storm in two days, with the maximum wind and waves reaching about 8 meters.” The combatant reported.
The captain nodded in satisfaction and smiled and said: “Under the stormy weather, satellites can’t monitor at all. A freighter at sea accidentally 西安夜生活论坛 capsized and sank in the wind and waves. It is almost normal, so proceed according to this plan.”
The nuclear submarine arrived at the scheduled location one day in advance, lurking at a depth of 200 meters in the deep sea. At this depth, the satellite has no effect on the submarine, and the rest is just waiting quietly.
The submarine was very quiet, except for the staff on duty, what should everyone do, chat, play cards, and play games.
Sonar kept checking the