play, even if Yu Luosheng’s bot lane can play a little advantage, it will not change the powerful team cooperation ability of the next Apocalypse team and the unparalleled ability to fight!

The Apocalypse team likes to follow the rules, they like to delay the rhythm, because they choose people like to choose developmental heroes, they want to give Baifeng more development time, everyone knows that ADC formation is relatively slow.
That being the case, playing against them with conventional means is equivalent to entering their slow pace, and the probability of losing is very high.
They must disrupt their rhythm, they must push the tower brainlessly, and the rhythm must be madly accelerated. The white wind must be suppressed, and he must not be given any opportunity to form equipment!
The white wind is very strong, and Yu Luocheng is very clear about this.
If you give him one minute to replenish troops, he will be able to increase the victory of the team.
Bai Feng’s first two defeats, on the one hand, LM’s style of play disrupted his development rhythm, on the other hand, he ignored Yu Luosheng’s strength.
But when he played hard, Yu Luosheng didn’t think he could take advantage of him. An ADC with a combined score of close to 24 points, how could he not stand out.
Yu Luosheng will never underestimate any opponent!
He knows very well that the Apocalypse team will be very cautious in the third game, and it is difficult to take advantage of some tactics.
Without the previous headcount advantage, Yu Luosheng would not be arrogant enough to crush the white wind.
At this point, he can at best not be given an overwhelming advantage by Baifeng.
But this is unable to change the superiority of the opponent’s jungler and their tacit understanding in the mid and late team battles.
“Use chaos suppression tactics.” Yu Luosheng said.
“It’s not good to take out this tactic so early? We reserved it to deal with the long sky team.” Daluo said in a daze.
“Only when we use it, we will know what loophole

rld Games all night long.”

“Except for this. In addition, the network club has created a unique challenge mode. Any team can challenge the guardian team of the club. Defeating the guardian team can directly take away the accumulated cash in the glass window.”
“As of today, the cash has been accumulated. Thirty thousand yuan. If nothing else, the bonus will continue to accumulate until there is a LOL team that can be taken away, and then the next round of accumulation!”
“A novel network club management model, a trendy ring challenge system, this What kind of magic power does the Internet club have to stand out in the declining Internet cafe industry? More and more people are gathering here for expensive consumption. Let us enter this club together to have a look.”
Radio in black professional attire The host made an opening remark with fluent speech, and the barrel-level camera was being held on the key by a fat man, and the host was motionless and let the host finish all the words.
The background of the host is exactly the Demacia network club, the big characters and the absolute Demacia atmosphere give people a kind of unique intimacy of friends!
The media reports came very suddenly. Boss Lei had already asked the people in the club to rehearse many times, and he was determined not to show any discrepancies.
First, the host took a follow-up shot of the environment of the Demacia Clubhouse.
The host reporter praised this unique club without being stingy.
Internet cafes always give people a feeling of cigarette butts on the floor, messy keyboards, noisy shouts, and washing, cutting and blowing everywhere.
The decoration of the Demacia Network Club is based on the model of an emotional cafe and a cozy bar.
You can come here to surf the Internet, you can also come here to have a coffee and chat, you can also taste a little wine and talk about LOL. If your hands are itchy, you can go to the boot and play a few games, and you can sit on the sofa in the lobby to relax when you have a game. Comfortab

when he taught everyone that the eyes should not be simply regarded as the field of vision, but should be regarded as the formation method.

If the enemy starts a group in his own formation, then the probability of his own victory will be greatly increased!
And the view of the east and the west, especially the scattered placement and the untechnical placement, is equivalent to sending 20 yuan and 30 yuan to the enemy. After all, in this kind of game, everyone will bring scanning and real eyes. When your scout guard is placed in a place where the enemy is easy to scan and detect, it has no effect other than seeing the opponent there temporarily.
The eye is to set the array, and a support that can set the array is the top-level support!
In short, from the placement of the eyes, Yu Luosheng already knew where the level of the crotch of this little crotch was.
“Help me tell him that these eyes are meaningless.” Yu Luosheng said to Sap.
Sap glanced at the eye positions of Xiaolong’s position. Indeed, as Yu Luosheng said, the crotch eyes of the small pants were not very good.
A pinch can determine the strength of a person. The second time Sap has changed Yu Luosheng’s view is the two previous 4 Ghost Eyes and 3 Wolf Eyes, directly blocking the murderous intentions of heroes like Nightmare.
Sure enough, after a while, the nightmare appeared near Xiaolong.
He already had a scanner on his body, and as soon as he stepped into the river, he used the scanner to pull out the upper eye.
Afterwards, this guy cooperated with the bottom road duo to arrange the true eyes at the bottom of the formation. The
head and the tail are gone, leaving only one eye on his body that is useless. It is impossible to determine whether the enemy has any. support.
“This dragon can’t be taken, let’s withdraw it.” Yu Luosheng sighed.
With a good formation, Yu Luosheng dared to take the dragon. After all, the opponent was missing one person. It would take a while for their mid laner to come back to support.
But the field o

me, the textile dyeing technology of 178 Fortress still remained at the most basic dip dyeing and pad dyeing, and clothes that were worn for a long time would fade.

As Wang Shengyin said, the northwest is one of the most suitable places to grow cotton, but the technology is lacking here, all forces are developing the military industry, and there are efforts to make everyone eat their food.
How can I go to research some fancy things?
After Xu Xianchu left, Ren Xiaosu, Wang Shengzhi and others walked out of the small building and carefully looked at this legendary fortress.
Pedestrians on the street will look sideways when they see them, because they, except for Ren Xiaosu, seem to be incompatible with this place.
Wang Shengyin also put on a long skirt at this time, but the blue long skirt does not seem to be produced in this fortress at all. Wang Shengyin said that this blue is called Tiffany Blue, which is popular in the Central Plains and is the color worn by a female singer. .
Ren Xiaosuxin said that there will probably not be such star singers in Fort 178. He saw that the women in Fort 178 were carrying poles like men.
Ren Xiaosu 西安洗浴网 suddenly asked Wang Shengzhi: “What do you think Mr. Zhang will do with Zongshi?”
Wang Shengzhi looked up at him and smiled: “Do you want Fortress 178 to avenge you?”
“Yes,” Ren Xiaosu admitted frankly: “But if This is not the decision of Fort 178, and I will not let others be unlucky with me. I can do a lot of things myself.”
At this time, Ren Xiaosu was thinking, if Fort 178 is unwilling to send troops to the Zong clan and clear this trade road. Obstacles, then he sneaked into the Zong clan by himself.
What Li Shentan can do, he may not be unable to do it.
Wang Shengzhi smiled and said, “Look at the pedestrians on this street.”
“Huh?” Ren Xiaosu was taken aback for a moment.
“Everyone is actually carrying out their own food on a pole, where are they carrying it?” Wang Shengzhi asked.
“Carry it out for sale?” Ren Xiaosu 西安品茶网 said.
“The farmers

so repair my Tongtian Gate!”

Su Yu just looked at him silently.
Tongtianhou was a little bit ridiculous, and he hadn’t broken his mouth for many days. It seemed that he had said something wrong as soon as he came.
“Ahem, your majesty can’t die, let alone your majesty has no descendants”
Su Yu continued to look at him, Tongtianhou was embarrassed, and chuckled: “I don’t mean to mock your majesty! I have no descendants, your majesty, you see, I have no descendants. I didn’t find a door to be a wife!”
Da Zhou Wang rolled his eyes, you might as well leave it alone.
The more you speak, the more wrong!
Tongtianhou had no choice but to quickly change the subject: “Able to cultivate portal power should be achieved with some agreement with the portal, or simply have will be imprinted in it! For example, your majesty can cultivate the ancestors of your majesty, or human race. Ancestor, there is a strong person who imprinted his power on the gate of heaven!”
Su Yu raised his eyebrows: “Who are our ancestors?”
Human ancestors are not. It can only be said that human ancestors 西安夜网论坛 were one of the leaders of mankind in the past. Existences such as text, sun, moon, and stars are the bigwigs of a certain era, but they are not the original ancestors of the human race.
The Emperor of Humanity can open the Gate of Heaven, so can Su Yu, and the King of Wen also represent them. Their ancestor may be one. This is also possible. Is there any connection with the Gate of Heaven?
And Renzu, is there a mark left in the door?
And the Prison King or the Flame Demon King, have their marks left in the gate of the earth?
At this time, Su Yu became interested in some of the more ancient powers.
Tongtianhou shrugged: “Maybe it’s the Lord of Time? If he has descendants, I think that all three disciplines can be cultivated, it’s
okay !” Well, it seems to make sense.
Su Yu, the lord of time, became more and more interested in him. 西安耍耍网 Where is this supreme being?
Even the Lord of Necromancers was not dead, Su Yu

eral armored vehicles. They would not part ways with the main force until they entered the northern forest.

At this time, the students in the field hospital were still waiting for Ren Xiaosu to go back and ask for an autograph or something, but they did not expect that Ren Xiaosu would never return to the field hospital after he left.
Barrier No. 176 is the Daniu Mountain line in the south.
“Safety.” The
unique electric current in the communication channel conveys the message. A five-person elite Wang special force is infiltrating the north of Daniu Mountain. The responsibility it shoulders is to detect the movements of the northern barbarians. .
After the 176th barrier was broken, Wang’s main force retreated to the area of ??Daniu Mountain, and then waited for 西安夜桑拿论坛 those forces occupying Kong to come and converge.
In fact, in the past half a month, the Wang clan has experienced more battles than the fire, after all, they bear the brunt of the barbarian’s path to the south.
The fighting situation was very tragic, and this situation did not finally get better until the rest of Wang’s main force arrived at the Daniu Mountain defense line.
The good news is that the barbarians seem to have suffered heavy losses. These northern tribes no longer attacked, but turned to guerrillas in the mountains.
At this time, the five-person team quickly penetrated towards the north of the mountain range. The destination of their trip was Wangganling, north of Daniu Mountain, which is one of the known advance bases of barbarians.
Wang once captured several barbarians alive for interrogation, and the other party finally 西安夜网论坛 confessed that a general of the expeditionary army was stationed there.
“There is still 21 kilometers away from the target location, and it is expected to arrive in two hours,” the captain of the special forces 西安桑拿夜网 said on the communications channel.
Two hours later, the five-person team crossed the mountain very smoothly, which made them a little puzzled, because they didn’t

epped on the door panel with his feet, and looked at the window next to the wooden door.

The rain is still increasing, and something is faintly moving outside, and the footsteps are chaotic, as if several people are clustered together.
“It’s here!” The
door of the next room was scratched by something, as if several hands were scratching on the rough wooden door at the same time. For more than a minute, Chen Ge suddenly heard a woman’s voice coming from the door of the old man.
“Help me, help me.” The
woman cried, judging from her voice, the other person should not be too old.
“It’s what the old man is afraid of?” Chen Ge’s brain is running fast, and the old man next door seems to have known that the other person will appear long ago, pretending to sleep in the room without responding.
The strange noise on the door panel lasted for ten minutes before it disappeared. The cluttered 西安耍耍网 footsteps outside sounded again, and this time it stopped at the door of Chen Ge’s room.
That kind of creepy scratching sounded outside Chen Ge’s door, and the other party seemed to have discovered something. With more and more force, the 西安桑拿夜网 wooden door shook.
Tucked into the quilt, Chen Ge was not only a little grateful, but moved the bed to the door by himself.
The wooden door couldn’t be opened. This was different from what the monster outside thought. It scratched frantically. After a few seconds, she heard the sound of crying outside the door.
“Help me, help me, help me!” The
door shook, and Chen Ge reached into his backpack and held the Skull Smasher. He had already prepared for the worst.
But the monster outside the door only yelled a few times before it stopped, and disappeared with the sound of the door beating.
“I didn’t hear the footsteps, she hasn’t left yet! This sly guy.”
Chen Ge was lying motionless in the quilt. He wanted to look at the outside along the window. When the line of sight was just swept to the window, he said slightly. Choking.
Outside 西安品茶网 the basketball-sized window, a wom

and at the same time glanced behind Riddles… She didn’t see the other friends in her academy.

“They are going to Arthur Crow Amusement Park today. Originally we bought the tickets for the amusement park and wanted to celebrate with you, but you didn’t come.” Riddles said and took out two tickets for the amusement park. “So Between the amusement park and you, those loyal guys chose the amusement park!”
“Well, because my sister’s birthday is also today, I have to spend it with her.”
Josh did receive this invitation in the newsletter. Today Arthur Crow Amusement Park has discounts, so a group of poor magic apprentices who don’t have much money can go to the only amusement park in the world.
But today is not just Josh’s birthday, it’s also her sister 西安洗浴网 Joya’s birthday.
Qiaoya is absolutely unwilling to go to the amusement park where so many strangers gather. As a sister, she plans to stay with Qiaoya for this birthday.
“It doesn’t matter… I brought you a gift!”
Riddles took 西安耍耍论坛 out a package and handed it to Josh.
Josh is holding this package, and the heavy weight inside must be some physical versions of novels.
When Josh tried to unpack the package, Riddles suddenly reached out and stopped Josh from unpacking the package.
“Are those relatives in your house?”
Riddles carefully looked at the group of people behind Josh.
Noggs noticed the peeping of the little human girl in an instant. When Noggs looked at Riddles, she immediately chose to hide behind Josh.
“It looks terrible.”
“Um…they are my father’s elder brother and eldest sister.” Josh nodded and said.
“Josh, you’d better wait to open my present after returning to the room.” Riddles said to Josh in a low voice.
“Go back to the room? Xiaorui, wouldn’t you put that kind of book in it!”
Josh’s cheeks instantly turned red, and she 西安夜网论坛 knew that this friend of hers was very broad in reading.
These include the Sherlock Holmes detective collection with the detonating stone, some dark and jerky future literatu

ime to think and react.

“After realizing that the whole world is going wrong, the dragons began to formulate countermeasures and benefited from it. At that time, the dragon clan’s higher level of civilization and awareness of the world, scholars successfully found the root of the problem, and even summarized some laws related to gods by analyzing clues in a series of changes in the world—for example, They realized that it was mortal 西安足浴spa thoughts that affected the judgment of the gods.
“So, the Tarronde Senate at the time made a decision, a’self-help decision’
that I don’t know if it was lucky or unfortunate.” Gawain felt that his mood was constantly fluctuating with the Dragon God’s narration. After a pause, he couldn’t help asking: “What decision?”
“Block Talrond, stop paying attention to world affairs, and then-re-purify and stabilize the dragon’s’orthodox belief system’.”
Hearing the words mentioned by the other party, Gawain suddenly had some bad premonitions in his heart.
The Dragon God continued to tell: “At that time, no dragon was aware of the chain relationship between gods and mortals, and no one thought that gods would stand on the opposite side of civilization in a certain sense-even if the whole world The situation is deteriorating due to the 西安夜桑拿网 bloodthirsty of the gods. The first thing the dragons think of is to’repair’ their belief system, rather than abandon the traditions and beliefs that they have adhered to for thousands of years, so they have formulated a large and orderly The core of the strengthening belief plan is to allow members of the ethnic group to re-believe in the traditional gods in the’correct’ way, so that the gods’return to their proper positions’.
“A large number of temples have been repaired or refurbished, and ancient books have been revised and supplemented again. The members of the tribe regained those old precepts that were declining at the time. Tarrond closed all external channels, as if the entire world outside had disappeared, and the dragon tribe

hat’s the matter with this maid? Under normal circumstances, shouldn’t the men draw their swords to help and help the girl who is suffering from poisonous gas? ?

Why are you proficient in detoxification treatment techniques!
Isn’t Mr. Mu your master? Wouldn’t it make him unhappy if you did this?
Chapter 459: Who Sleeps With Who? [
Request a monthly ticket] When the maid Xiaosuo was treating the girl she encountered on the road, Ren Suo was controlling Master Mu to check the warehouse at investigation point 26.
This warehouse belongs to the place where clues can be investigated, and this time because a special plot was finally triggered, Ren Suo was in a good mood, so he asked Mr. Mu to check 西安品茶网 every corner of the warehouse, and even click on the “rat shit” in the corner. “Further investigation” several times.
Under such a carpet-like investigation, there are really more investigations than the previous few times.
Mr. Mu inspected the black stains on the ground in the state of “Magic Eyes Through the Sky”, and suddenly a strange picture flashed: thin men, slain women, hatchets, lights, and a line of neatly armored warriors.
“There was evil here.” In the name of Mozun’s subordinates, he tortured and killed dozens of civilians. He committed evil for half a month and was only recently discovered by the Soul Palace warrior.”
There is no need for Ren Suo to analyze the picture here. Young Master Mu quickly sorted out these clues by himself. “This is the first time this son has come to Yingzhou. Naturally, it is impossible to 西安耍耍论坛 accept
this subordinate more than ten days ago. This villain had a mental disorder. After being discovered by the Yingzhou Soul Palace warrior, he swore to the death and resisted, and finally chanted’Devil Respect Pro.’ On the day, all the rebellious ministers should die, but he didn’t seem to know his son, nor did he pronounce his name.
However, when the people of the temple successfully slandered him, the testimony became six. Dapai attacked this son as one