hat’s the matter with this maid? Under normal circumstances, shouldn’t the men draw their swords to help and help the girl who is suffering from poisonous gas? ?

Why are you proficient in detoxification treatment techniques!
Isn’t Mr. Mu your master? Wouldn’t it make him unhappy if you did this?
Chapter 459: Who Sleeps With Who? [
Request a monthly ticket] When the maid Xiaosuo was treating the girl she encountered on the road, Ren Suo was controlling Master Mu to check the warehouse at investigation point 26.
This warehouse belongs to the place where clues can be investigated, and this time because a special plot was finally triggered, Ren Suo was in a good mood, so he asked Mr. Mu to check 西安品茶网 every corner of the warehouse, and even click on the “rat shit” in the corner. “Further investigation” several times.
Under such a carpet-like investigation, there are really more investigations than the previous few times.
Mr. Mu inspected the black stains on the ground in the state of “Magic Eyes Through the Sky”, and suddenly a strange picture flashed: thin men, slain women, hatchets, lights, and a line of neatly armored warriors.
“There was evil here.” In the name of Mozun’s subordinates, he tortured and killed dozens of civilians. He committed evil for half a month and was only recently discovered by the Soul Palace warrior.”
There is no need for Ren Suo to analyze the picture here. Young Master Mu quickly sorted out these clues by himself. “This is the first time this son has come to Yingzhou. Naturally, it is impossible to 西安耍耍论坛 accept
this subordinate more than ten days ago. This villain had a mental disorder. After being discovered by the Yingzhou Soul Palace warrior, he swore to the death and resisted, and finally chanted’Devil Respect Pro.’ On the day, all the rebellious ministers should die, but he didn’t seem to know his son, nor did he pronounce his name.
However, when the people of the temple successfully slandered him, the testimony became six. Dapai attacked this son as one

epared for dinner. Nothing else, it was still a barbecue, but today it’s more. After a taste of the seasoning, Jiang Hao used sea water to boil a little salt, not much, but enough to eat for a few days.

After eating the grilled fish,
Jiang Hao first meditated cross-legged and absorbed spiritual energy. He did not rush to practice, but walked to the entrance of the cave and stood there looking at the sea in the distance.
He was a little puzzled about one thing. In the original book, Liu Zhenshock would encounter a Frost Snow Piqiu beast, named Guoguo. From then on, he followed him for life, and was recognized as a godson by Liu Zhenshake. This is also in the movie he starred in. An important supporting role, but Jiang Hao 西安夜网论坛 came to the island without encountering Guoguo.
There is no Piqiu Beast looking for himself, and he has not encountered a Piqiu Beast. Is it because the route is wrong? Or because I don’t have the bird nest head Liu Zhenshake likes for Guoguo?
Perhaps it can only be attributed to chance.
Sometimes, the road that the two traveled forward is one minute apart, the future will always be different. There is no chance, and it may be missed. Even if they meet in the future, I don’t know if it is the fruit.
Forget it,
Jiang Hao made up his mind, if he encounters a Piqiu beast like Guoguo on the island, he just doesn’t catch it.
Sitting cross-legged, began to meditate and practice, in a daze. I don’t know how long it has been before. Suddenly a loud thunder awakened Jiang Hao. Jiang Hao was shocked. Then he heard the sound of wind and rain 西安夜生活论坛 outside, and hurried to the entrance of the cave to look outside.
At this moment, the wind was raging and the rain was pouring, and the surroundings were terribly dark. Only occasionally a flash of lightning could see the sea churning violently.
a huge lightning flashed across the sky, and the entire land and ocean were bright. In this moment of light, Jiang Hao seemed to see a ship on the sea undulating with the crazy wav


Sun Hao didn’t expect this request.
Could it be that Holger was also attracted by his own personal 西安夜桑拿论坛 charm?
of course not.
After chatting a few more words, Holger and Sun Hao talked about something he hadn’t considered.
After Nash was traded to leave the team, the team organizes the question of who will relay.
This, Sun Hao really didn’t think about it carefully before.
Theoretically speaking, he is the one to relay.
But there is one thing to say, his passing is not so good.
And this is why Holt came to him.
Nash’s passing talent is unmatched by the Mavericks.
So either accept the blank left by his departure, or find a way to fill it.
Holt is not the head coach of the Mavericks. He can’t decide how the Mavericks choose, but he can decide Nowitzki.
His idea is to train Nowitzki’s passing ability.
But doing so meant to divide the organizational gap, and it was useless for Nowitzki to train alone, so he wanted to find Sun 西安足浴spa Hao.
Of course, Sun Hao couldn’t say that Bodi Loga might go to the Mavericks, because that matter hasn’t been written yet.
Moreover, he really should improve his passing ability.
Combo guards, as the name suggests, are not good at scoring.
Previously, he wanted to gain a foothold in the NBA, so he focused on one direction with all his strength.
Now that his scoring means and ability are enough for him to gain a foothold in the NBA, it is imperative to improve passing.
Moreover, both he and Nowitzki have developed relatively good passing abilities.
Bodilloga is here, and that’s the real thing.
Even if Bodilloga can’t come, the strength of the Mavericks has improved significantly.
Sun Hao agreed.
And in the chat, Nowitzki also told Sun Hao good news.
He also called Nash.
Although Nash has been traded to Golden State, it 西安夜网论坛 does not affect their private relationship.
Training together in summer is also normal.
Sun Hao looked forward to the thought of being able to train with that jealous guy again.
The next day, the quarterfina


a the Great to be frightened and nervous when facing a so-called “outer-territorial wanderer”.
It is even more likely that the Emperor Typhon did not regard himself, the “ancient hero” who “uncovered the coffin” as an ordinary human, from the very beginning. Whether there is a person or a ghost under his skin, it is for that Typhon. For the ruler, I am afraid it is meaningless.
Because Gawain himself has the same mentality-
the Augustus family who ruled Typhon has been entangled with a certain “curse” two hundred years ago, and behind this curse, it is always reminiscent of the spiritual pollution of the gods. .
Rosetta Augustus also has a “little secret” that belongs to him. Whether this little 西安洗浴网secret is related to the spiritual pollution of the gods, and which god is involved, to Gawain, although it can arouse curiosity , But it will not affect his dealings with the Typhon Empire.
Because the national interest needs it.
“What did you think of?” Amber’s voice suddenly came from the side, interrupting Gawain’s random thoughts for a while, he turned his head when he heard the sound, and saw a pair of big amber eyes looking at him, “Sudden expression So dignified”
Gao Wen felt for a while, and casually said what he thought: “A person who sits in the position of the ruler can no longer be considered a’person’ in many cases.”
Amber suddenly looked stunned, and then scratched. Face: “Although I don’t think you are in this position, but you say it so frankly that I don’t know how to continue.”
Gawain: “I didn’t mean that.”
“That’s almost the same thing. Amber waved his hand indifferently, and then murmured as he followed Gawain’s footsteps by two more steps, “I said you can’t go slower? Are you walking speed?”
Gawain looked down at himself. He took another look at Amber who was trotting next to him: “I thought you happened to be running in the morning.”西安夜桑拿网
Amber’s pointed ears immediately rose up, and there were even green veins around the ears: “I can’t keep up with you. !!!”
Gao Wen


he coast The cargo ship directly sent the submarine over and turned him into an accident.”
A “Virginia”-class attack nuclear submarine was moving in the silent deep sea. The satellite positioning was very clear. Their target this time was a cargo ship. For Meilijia This new level of multi-purpose attack nuclear submarine, this task is simply a piece of cake.
The “Virginia” 西安耍耍网 class nuclear submarine is the main force of the US military in offshore operations in the 21st century. The first ship was completed and put into service in 2004. So far, 29 ships have been built, 115 meters long and 10 meters wide, just like a large cigar.
With a displacement of 7,800 tons, an underwater speed of 25 knots, and a diving 西安桑拿夜网 depth of 250 meters, a nuclear reactor can be used for 33 years with a single charge, basically for a lifetime.
It is equipped with 12 “Tomahawk” cruise missile vertical launch tubes, 4 533 mm torpedo launch tubes, which can launch k48adcap heavy torpedoes and “Harpoon” anti-ship missiles. The onboard electronic equipment is equipped with advanced c4isr combat system, which has extremely combat capability. Strong.
“Report to the captain that a combat plan has been made. The freighter will arrive at the scheduled location in two days. According to weather forecasts, there will be a storm in two days, with the maximum wind and waves reaching about 8 meters.” The combatant reported.
The captain nodded in satisfaction and smiled and said: “Under the stormy weather, satellites can’t monitor at all. A freighter at sea accidentally 西安夜生活论坛 capsized and sank in the wind and waves. It is almost normal, so proceed according to this plan.”
The nuclear submarine arrived at the scheduled location one day in advance, lurking at a depth of 200 meters in the deep sea. At this depth, the satellite has no effect on the submarine, and the rest is just waiting quietly.
The submarine was very quiet, except for the staff on duty, what should everyone do, chat, play cards, and play games.
Sonar kept checking the


ly powerless to the clown. 西安桑拿夜网 The Penguin said: “Well, this is the end of today’s meeting. Recently, we have let our people converge. We need to continue to wait for opportunities. ”
Jiang Hao returned to the bar and greeted him with an iron fist. After seeing Brother 西安夜生活论坛 Octopus, he laughed and said, “Edward, you are famous, and now the entire Gotham and even the entire United States know you as Brother Octopus.”
This time Brother Octopus did indeed. As a hero, Jiang Hao said to Tie Quan: “I promised to prepare some girls for Edward, you will arrange it.”
“No problem, boss, there are many girls in the bar.” Tie Quan said with a smile.
Brother Octopus paused and said to Jiang Hao: “Boss, I want to try to make one by myself.”
Jiang Hao was a little surprised when he heard that, yes , after some things, his personality is not as shabby as before, so he dared to make a girl by himself. .
“Go, you have the final say in the whole bar tonight!” Jiang Hao smiled.
Jiang Hao came to the third floor, poured himself a glass of wine, took a sip, and then opened the system panel. In fact, shortly after he left the court, he received a system prompt, and 西安夜桑拿论坛 there was more than one sound, but he kept resisting it. Now You can safely view it.
“Ding~you played with Batman and got 20 points.”
“Ding~you played the beautiful family law and got 10 points.”
“Ding~you played with Penguins and other gangster families and got 5 points.” Point.”
Seeing a series of three rewards, Jiang Hao was very happy. He had already scored 20 points before, and now with these, he has already scored 55 points, which is more than half of the task.
At this time, I should find someone to celebrate, but the clown girl is not at home, and that girl is an idle master, and I don’t know where to go to play.
Leaning on the sofa, Jiang Hao touched his chin and thought about what to do next. He soon had an idea. He was going to investigate the matter of the’superhuman potion’ and the’cosmic energy stone’. He felt that these two things,