tually a combination of some great roads. At this moment, Su Yu said again: “The universe is the heaven and the earth, the heaven and the earth have life and death, there are yin and yang, there are five elements, there is air, there is earth, and the air floats as the sky. Shen Weidi, these are the ways that need to be integrated in the next step!”

“The foundation of building Yu must be counted, and the deduction is good. How to integrate for 15 days is enough!”
Su Yu smiled and said: “I only look at the present, no Looking at the future, the future is unquestionable. 西安桑拿按摩网 I really want to fail in the future. If I can’t close my avenue, then let me be the loser of Kaitian!”
“In the future, leave me an article on “Yuhuang clears the way and the middle road collapses.”殂’seems to be a good legend too!”
Everyone is very heavy.
Wan Tian Sheng took a deep breath: “Listen to Su Yu, take Yu as the foundation! Next, let’s try more, and simply try some things. In this half month, the blue sky, you and I will try all kinds of avenues. Power! There are also several seniors who are research geniuses. Please do a lot of calculations on this matter. The deduction is very troublesome. We are not good at it.”
Several people nodded.
An elderly necromantic man, at this moment, also spoke for the first time, with a low voice: “It’s better to use some virtual ways and try it! But Su Yu’s way needs to be used to 西安桑拿夜网 clear the way and cannot be easily tried.”
He thought for a while and said: “Is there any other way to get some virtual Dao, to do some simple attempts to merge, so that it is safer!”
Virtual Dao, pseudo Dao Qirong!
Su Yu’s eyes moved slightly, Qi Rong is also an expert in the study of the Dao, Hongmeng has already said that Qi Rong and Fat Ball are going to take some false Dao.
Do you want to bring Qi Rong in too?
Research together!
At this moment, one more person, one more strength.
Thinking of this, Su Yu nodded: “I will go to find someone right away, do you need anything else?”

on, and fourth-generation people. Someone said in a voice transmission: “I think all the big houses are very melancholy. It’s just a roster, and it’s registered. What’s wrong?”

A group of people saw I sighed to that young man, Zhu Qingyan, the young man of the Zhu family, a woman.
Forget it, what does this woman know.
Xia Huyou said in a voice transmission: “Every big mansion, who has no hidden power? My big summer mansion, did you know that there are so many sun and moon before? Most of them died in the last battle. There were more than 20 people in the sun and moon, 西安桑拿按摩网 including Liu. Wen Yan and the others are over 30, but how many people are there in each family? If you don’t say anything else, just say that your Daming Mansion 西安足浴spahas less than 30 people. I don’t believe in Xia!”
Zhu Qingyan was surprised, and the sound transmission said: “No, there are only 18 people registered in Sun and Moon!”
Xia Huyou shrugged, nonsense, your Daming Mansion doesn’t have more than 30 Sun and Moon, I will crawl!
Xia Huyou also sighed, just this trick is enough, there is no need to do too complicated, just this trick is enough for the big houses to drink a pot.
Should you explain or not?
After confessing, Su Yu has a clear understanding of the human situation, and without confession, the next time there will be a sun and moon, Su Yu will be cut in public!
what did you say?
What can you say?
Those who are not registered are supernumerary, non-human, even if they are human, they are spies, cultivated by all races!
He also has to inspect the human environment!
西安夜生活论坛 And over there, Su Yu smiled and said: “You don’t have to be so worried, just register. If it is Sunyue Jiuzhong, I may be in a good mood, and I will reward some bearers to help him prove! Strength, don’t conceal it! ! The sun and the moon are nine times heavy, and I have to say that the sun and the moon are heavy. This kind of person loses the opportunity, don’t blame me Su Yu for not being human!”
A group of people move again, does Su

why have inventory! Su Yu, I heard that your combat power is not weak, and you can go to Daqin Mansion when you have time! Daqin Mansion is most famous for Daqin Military Mansion, which is regarded as a war school, not an ordinary war school. He is a strong military man. He has returned from the front line. He has a sturdy military exploit and entered the mansion for further study! A man in the stone realm, who has opened 36 holes, don’t think he is weak. He kills a few civilized teachers and kills little chickens!”

Zhu Tiandao rolls his eyes, you blow, keep on blowing!
So powerful, your Daqin Mansion has already ruled the heavens!
Su Yu also smiled, “Well, I will definitely go if I have a chance!”
Qin Zhen didn’t say much, got up, “Then I’ll go back now, and I will send you the stuff in half a month! With the method of co-aperture, it is actually very good, but my heart is a little bit bigger. , 108 Acupuncture method, when the exercise method is used, you can directly combine the mountain and the sea into one orifice. The effect you get now is very good for Wanshi, but it is not friendly to the mountain and the sea! Someday 西安足浴spa you can let the mountain and the sea merge into one orifice, then Just the body into the sun and the moon! This is the real contribution to the world!”
Today’s method of combining the 西安洗浴网 orifices, 36 orifices, is helpful for the integration of the mountain and the sea, but it is not too helpful.
For Wanshi, it is of course a great help!
But Qin Zhen didn’t think it was enough!
Be stronger!
It can directly bring the mountain and the sea into one, step into the sun and the moon in the blink of an eye, and become the power of the sun and the moon, that is the real cow!
Su Yu was also dumbfounded, and hurriedly said: “I did my best. I didn’t get to that point. I don’t have a deep feeling for this. When I get to that point, I can have a deeper feeling!”
“This is the truth. Strengthen myself earlier. ! ”
Qin town laughed:”!! Do not 西安耍耍论坛 toss little things big summer hou

Messiah , do you know the uniqueness of your talent?” During the time of Herolia’s answer to Messiah, the third team had already appeared on the field.

It was a group of knights whose armor was stained with jet black, and they walked toward the center of the arena holding the flag of the country of steel high.
The appearance of the cast iron completely detonated the audience. The audience in the country of steel no longer cheered politely, but collectively shouted some ancient 西安夜网论坛 slogan.
“The aura is completely different.”
Messiah stared at the iron casters below. She could feel that some of the iron casters were not only excellent players of the Holy Spirit, but also an excellent warrior.
Messiah was very surprised by two of the iron casters. A scarlet glow of faith also appeared on his body.
“All the casters on the forum agree that they are the strongest team, and most of the spectators sitting in the audience are from the country of steel.”
Hellonia looked at the excited spectators on the field, they were big Most do not have any beliefs, or they have only one belief, and that is their country.
This sense of honor is an excellent opportunity for Heroria.
“If I can become a member of the Iron Caster now”, Herolia whispered quietly.
“Master Liya”
“This can help me collect faith very effectively.” Hellonia said, “If it weren’t for my ladder score that was not approved by the queen.”
“You really went to apply .” Messiah
heard this sentence She was slightly surprised, but before 西安洗浴网 she had time to ask, she noticed that the player from the Seabreaker team who had become her believer because of a smile on Herolia’s face, the pale golden light emitted from her body had disappeared. Instead, the power of faith is scarlet.
It’s red again
. The Brass Dragon announced the last team debut when the Messier wondered what happened.
730 The God of Quilts “Your Majesty Sheyel, I apologize for the destruction of your army.”
Queen Ekana sat in the highest position of the Crosier a

here’s something inside, but it’s not easy to find out. I got her testimony, especially the video material is very crucial, confirming what happened at the scene. everything. ” “

we urgently to the prosecutor’s office to file your return, after analysis, found your behavior is the victim bailout, beating harm behavior is self-defense, and even your behavior, should be considered courageous. ”
” The new justified defense explanation just came down a few days ago. For example, you can implement defense against illegal intrusion into other people’s houses.”
” You can implement defense against the behavior of pulling the bus steering wheel and beating the driver.”
“Try to avoid conflicts and continue 西安耍耍论坛 to infringe.” Fighting back is considered defense.”
“In particular, when a suspect commits illegal infringements, such as murder, robbery, rape, kidnapping, abduction and trafficking cases that infringe on women and children, counterattack is considered to be a legitimate act, and special defenses can even be implemented. Those who cause unlawful infringements are not excessive defense and are not criminally liable.”
“There are many more, I won’t tell you. Now there is evidence that you are trying to prevent the unlawful infringement from happening, and it was the other party who took action. Before, your reaction is justified, you don’t need to pay any legal responsibility, and you should even be rewarded.”
“By the way, the two guys you beat have been arrested and are suspected of molesting women.”
Jiang Hao looked at the document 西安品茶网 and was excited. , I finally got rid of the injustice.
He did not cry when he was caught.
He did not cry in the detention center.
But at this moment, he has the urge to cry.
“Then I can go out now?” Jiang Hao asked.
“Of course, there are a few formalities here. You can go out after you sign and take back your own things. It’s a bit biased here. I’ll take you back to the city.” The old policeman said.
Jiang Hao took the pen and signed it quickly.

ite the doubts on her lips, looking at Amber’s eloquent appearance, this guy actually seems to know a druid, and she also introduced it to a salesman: “I’m telling you, I know that The guy is not only a druid, but also a scholar-type druid. He knows everything. His druid faction is rooted in the heart of the forest. He is particularly good at dealing with plants and animals. , Absolutely reliable.”

Gao Wen finally believed this guy’s statement, but he didn’t ask in detail how Amber and the mysterious druid met, and the origin of each other’s name, etc. It is obviously not polite to ask these details now. After listening to the sales pitch of amber, he only asked two questions: “You can now reach for it and if they can reach, how long can he bring you??西安夜网论坛 ” “Contact
to say, although people say Druids are very simple and difficult to find, but I know that guy’s range of activities is very fixed, just in the southern region. As for how long will it take to bring it.”
Humber said while constantly winking at Gao Wen: “When I went to find him, I could walk the shadows all the way, but when I came back, I would have to go on the road honestly. How fast we can go depends on the means of transportation. Transportation, do you know how to chant?”
Gao Wen immediately understood what the other party meant. With a big hand, he flicked out a few copper plates to plug her hand: ”
Go buy a pair of new shoes.” Amber stared: “Don’t take you like this! And what do you say, you have to give me some money to use as a deposit for 西安夜桑拿论坛others? Even if you are introduced by an acquaintance, you have to pay for 西安桑拿夜网 the employment fee, okay!”
“You didn’t have to say that earlier?” Gawain just made a joke with Amber , After all, it’s interesting to see the girl jumping up and down, but after the joke, he still has to take it seriously. He took out some thin gold and silver strips pressed into a uniform size from another pocket. “Take it, take this thing.” It’s all yours to
figure out how much is left.” Amber suddenly s


n’t deliberately remind them that even if they were lost, the magic net could contact them.
Hellan took the prophet all the way to the alchemy shop called Klya.
“Are you sure it’s this shop” The
prophet took a look at the alchemy 西安夜网论坛 shop from left to right. It is located in the center of the Nolan Alchemy Market, which is the best location.
But what made the prophet feel a little strange was the people around, but few people had entered this alchemy shop, and the interior of the shop seemed a bit empty.
Quite a bit like a haunted house in the downtown area.
“Recently, there have been several incidents of magic loss in the Kriya alchemy shop.” Herland finally confessed in a low voice at this time.
“Then Helland, you still come here to buy things.”
Before the Prophet could speak, Helland’s friend Sansa took Helland’s hand for the first time.
“Herland, let’s go to the alchemy shop of the Lolaft firm.” The
prophet ignored the conversation between the two humans, her eyes were always fixed on the door of the alchemy shop.
In the shop, she saw a very familiar 西安夜生活论坛 figure, that is, the three princes of the demon world, Qiao Xiu.
This made the prophet hardly hesitate, and opened the door directly and walked into this alchemy shop that seemed to be closing down.
Chapter 316 The Prophet’s Ambition
Qiao Xiu is painting a wall of the Kriya alchemy shop with white paint reagent.
It 西安耍耍论坛 stands to reason that this kind of groceries should be made by the attendants of the Kriya alchemy shop, but the attendants of this alchemy shop are busy selecting those alchemical products of questionable quality.
There is no manpower available to install a TV in the store.
In order to experience the feeling of using magic to paint the wall, Qiao Xiu volunteered to take the job.
It’s just that this time, it was not the spellcaster lady who was with Qiao Xiu, but a girl who looked very young, but her mental age was not that young.
“His Royal Highness, I remember that Keriya Firm seems to have a cooperative