nce of the other party means that they must hug and hide somewhere. Since they hug, Lm also hugs, and if they want to fight the first-level group, they will fight! !

Chapter 440 The Cruel First-Level Regiment (Part 1)
The five people who were originally scattered began to gather in the middle.
“The Lm team is really very cautious. All the players will not rashly cross the river channel when they are assembled. If the top laner walked through the river channel just now, 100% of them would be caught by the underground team. Professional players should have this kind of quality, that is, always keep a heart that cannot be relaxed for a moment. As for the children who are still exploring the grass with their faces, alas” The commentator and the audience are all from the perspective of God, and they can see the distribution on both sides. .
When they assembled just now, the irons in the Demacia Club were all sweating for Ronaldo. They were indeed worried that Ronaldo would enter that trap.
It’s been 1 minute and 10 seconds, and the people from the underground battle team have not yet appeared. Yu Luosheng stared at the map and guessed their most likely position.
“Boss, we don’t know where they are, but they may have already seen us. Should we still use our switching strategy?” Lin Dong asked.
Phoenix Aid, from a professional point of view, is just two words-very looking for death!
Two heroes like Zyra and Annie are authentically transitioning from AP to support, because they have powerful control and good early bursts.
Phoenix’s control ability and limitation ability can indeed be assisted, Q skill deceleration and stun effect, ice wall is one of the few skills in LOL that change the terrain, and the group pit-type deceleration of big moves,
but it can’t be assisted. The biggest reason is the blue volume problem.
Throwing a set of skills in the early stage, the Phoenix’s blue volume has been reduced by half, not to mention that the level 6 explosion is far inferior to the two heroes of Zyra and An

ned combat power?”

“That’s under the combined path!”
Tian Mian was angry, I unblocked it, brought a big stick, I was number one!
Su Yu didn’t bother to pay attention, constantly shuttled through the space, once again swallowed a drop of Dapeng 西安洗浴网 Bird’s essence and blood, which was already the fifth drop he swallowed today. He extracted the most of Dapeng Bird’s essence and blood, with 9 drops out.
If it continues for a while, this Harmony Essence and Blood will be used up, but there are still some of the Dragon Emperor’s.
The speed soared again, and Su Yu instantly penetrated the space and entered the fourth floor.
He didn’t look around, and didn’t pay much attention.
During the closure of Xingyu Mansion, the fluctuations were not small. It may be that Lao Zhou was recovering his vitality. On the whole level, vitality fluctuated so severely that it impacted the Quartet, and Su Yu was too lazy to look at it.
Hurry up and go up to the seventh floor!
If the Eastern Heavenly King and the others don’t come up, it’s okay. They won’t come up for a long time. When the 西安品茶网 chaos is calmed down by Laogui, the Eastern Kingdom will become Laogui’s territory. Can the Eastern Heavenly King stay in the lower level for a lifetime?
What’s more, the opponent is strong, Su Yu felt that he would not hide.
Really, why don’t you have to own it, the Eastern Heavenly King’s idea must be to leave through the seventh-level passage.
The fifth floor, the sixth floor,
Su Yu quickly shuttled through the layers of space, and soon, the seventh floor was here!
Seven floors.
One map!
Last time I was on the seventh floor, Lao Zhou showed his power and flattened the seventh floor!
All the mansions, including Prince Gong’s Mansion, were flattened by Lao Zhou, so there was no grass left on the entire seventh floor. Last time Lao Zhou was really angry and mad.
So at this moment, from far away, you can see the necromantic passage in the distance.
But there is no Guiyuan knife.
There is no Guiyuan Knife,

If you don’t die, I won’t kill you today. What do you think?” The

Emperor Underworld looked solemn, and the next moment, he said coldly, “King Wen, no matter how strong you are, you are only one person. ”
He looked at the strong man next to him, and he felt a lot more emboldened.
Su Yu smiled lightly: “It’s the first class anyway. I really don’t want to take me a try? Let’s see if I have made any progress in the past few years.西安夜网论坛 In Tianmen, I have suffered multiple injuries?”
Su Yu smiled brightly. “How about trying? If you alone don’t dare to pick you up together, take my move, and you’ll give it up today!” The
Emperor Underworld looked heavy.
When King Wen and King Wu appeared, he was actually a little frightened, a little scared, and didn’t want to fight again.
Because even if there is a real victory, I am afraid that many people will die!
At this moment, Wang Wen said that he would give up today. He didn’t take it seriously. He was just thinking, how strong is Wang Wen after he has been in Tianmen for many years?
Is he injured?
It vaguely felt that he was injured, and his breath was erratic, and the same was true for King Wu. Perhaps both of them were seriously injured.
On his side, at this moment, plus the seven or eight powerhouses who came before, they have reached as many as 30!
If it is King Wen and King Wu, it is really impossible to fight if two people can kill 30 strong men.
The Emperor Underworld looked gloomy and coldly said: “King Wen, how much power do you have? Bluff!”
Su Yu smiled 西安耍耍网and said, “Try it. If I was bluffing, wouldn’t I just give you a chance?”
Su Yu smiled brightly. , The next moment, a giant pen appeared in his hand. At this moment, the power of the surrounding world was covered. The Emperor Underworld and the others vaguely felt that something was wrong, but at this moment they all looked at King Wen and King Wu with full attention.
The rulers behind him all sweat a little.
There are some rulers of the King Wen, who came from the late Jin

g Wei Yu added directly to the top “!

Yu Huang Wei, Su Yu?
Gui’s heart moved slightly, his eyes flickered, and he smiled: “Ye Huangwei recruited?”
Gui’s eyes flickered again: “It’s dangerous now. I heard that Yu Huang-sama recently encountered a powerful enemy.”
“That’s right!” What!” The
old man didn’t care, laughed and said, “Yu Huang can conquer everything!”
Gui was speechless. These people were all brainwashed by Su Yu!
They are the second-class pinnacle, Su Yu is fourth-class, and still defeats everything. Without me, he would have been beaten to death long ago!
However, it 西安夜桑拿论坛 is rare to meet such a enthusiastic person at this moment, and Gui is also excited. You can chat with this person. As for Su Yu, even if he tells himself something, it may not be true.
Soon, the two talked happily!
Su Yu didn’t bother to care about what Gui was doing and thinking.
Nonsense, 西安足浴spa it’s such a big place, and all Gui meets the blue sky, what can the blue sky say to Gui?
Su Yu didn’t care about this.
At this moment, he found that today is simply his lucky day!
A lot of power of rules!
Moreover, it feels a little different from Ten Thousand Realms.
Not only so vaguely, Su Yu even discovered that there seemed to be a complete first-class avenue. Su Yu’s eyes changed instantly, and King Wen killed him over there. This is not unusual. The key is that King Wen was completely stripped away. The power of the other side’s avenue!
Su Yu’s face changed suddenly!
This requires extremely strong strength, and for myself, it is simply great!
He is familiar with this great power!
“The Way of Longevity!”
Su Yu felt comprehend and murmured, he didn’t feel wrong, or that the Way of Life is fine too!
Su Yu inhales! 西安耍耍网
Who will King Wen fight with?
Killing a strong man who is in charge of the Dao of Life, and completely stripping away the Dao of the other side, is this going to leave it to himself and improve his power of the Dao of Life?
There is also the Great Way of Life in the Worl

they are here, they have no regrets or regrets. “Are you ready,” Ren Xiaosu asked. “Ready!” In an instant, the soldiers of the first group turned around and silently watched the golden torrent collide with the enemy, and the golden and ocher formed a clear boundary for fighting. They felt the strangeness in their hearts, as if some of the most primitive blood was suddenly awakened. That was the battle they most desired. They lived and died together. They only needed to follow in the footsteps of the person in front, even if they were willing to go. The flame in my heart started to burn, blood The liquid was boiling hot, and everyone seemed to have suddenly returned to the afternoon when they were sworn into the army. Standing under the banner of the Northwest Army, everyone clenched their right fists, and then, with the simplest dream, was trained by the recruit company to die alive. However, many of those who took the oath with them are gone. Yes, my comrades are gone, so what else can I lose? Everyone looked at each other, and Da Huyou suddenly laughed: “What are you waiting for, let’s go back together. The Northwest Army does not seek to be born in the same year, the same month and the same day, but to die in the same year, the same month and the same day.” After that, Da Huyou actually ignored the military order. , Directly turned back to follow the golden torrent and ran wildly. Zhang Xiaoman looked at Da Huyou’s back, and suddenly felt that Da Huyou was a few years younger. “Brothers of the Sixth Field Division, follow me, the marshals didn’t retreat, let’s retreat a ghost!” Someone took the lead, and someone joined. 5092 watched all this silently, and suddenly pulled out his gun. Wang Yun was surprised: “Should you not calmly persuade everyone to continue to evacuate at this time?” 5092 pointed at Ren Xiaosu’s back and asked: “How can you calm me down? I can’t calm down!” Wang Yun burst into laughter. “I am so special!” The soldiers of the first group returned to the battlefield one by one, fo

why have inventory! Su Yu, I heard that your combat power is not weak, and you can go to Daqin Mansion when you have time! Daqin Mansion is most famous for Daqin Military Mansion, which is regarded as a war school, not an ordinary war school. He is a strong military man. He has returned from the front line. He has a sturdy military exploit and entered the mansion for further study! A man in the stone realm, who has opened 36 holes, don’t think he is weak. He kills a few civilized teachers and kills little chickens!”

Zhu Tiandao rolls his eyes, you blow, keep on blowing!
So powerful, your Daqin Mansion has already ruled the heavens!
Su Yu also smiled, “Well, I will definitely go if I have a chance!”
Qin Zhen didn’t say much, got up, “Then I’ll go back now, and I will send you the stuff in half a month! With the method of co-aperture, it is actually very good, but my heart is a little bit bigger. , 108 Acupuncture method, when the exercise method is used, you can directly combine the mountain and the sea into one orifice. The effect you get now is very good for Wanshi, but it is not friendly to the mountain and the sea! Someday 西安足浴spa you can let the mountain and the sea merge into one orifice, then Just the body into the sun and the moon! This is the real contribution to the world!”
Today’s method of combining the 西安洗浴网 orifices, 36 orifices, is helpful for the integration of the mountain and the sea, but it is not too helpful.
For Wanshi, it is of course a great help!
But Qin Zhen didn’t think it was enough!
Be stronger!
It can directly bring the mountain and the sea into one, step into the sun and the moon in the blink of an eye, and become the power of the sun and the moon, that is the real cow!
Su Yu was also dumbfounded, and hurriedly said: “I did my best. I didn’t get to that point. I don’t have a deep feeling for this. When I get to that point, I can have a deeper feeling!”
“This is the truth. Strengthen myself earlier. ! ”
Qin town laughed:”!! Do not 西安耍耍论坛 toss little things big summer hou

the sound transmission said: “This is the power to cast the heavens, the sun and the moon nine layers, I gave up, brother, this can’t blame me!”

It’s still Riyue Jiuzhong, I gave up!
I can’t afford to play with you.
The next moment, Zhang He stopped, and Su Yu, with a look of despair and helplessness, what should I do?
The two great abilities of Sunyue Jiuzhong came to catch him, let me run a shit!
They stopped and blinked, Cheng Mo and the man with the axe arrived, Cheng Mo smiled triumphantly, and then slapped Zhang He away. Zhang He didn’t wait for him to slap, and smashed. Void, flew upside down for several kilometers, 西安足浴spa and fled in an instant!
“Brother Cui, I’ll go to Datang Mansion to see you when I have time!”
Abandoning these words, Zhang He ran away, very fast, faster than just taking Su Yu away, why not run?
Waiting here to be beaten?
He has a triple sun and a moon, and he is powerful in other places. It is really not here. He will be beaten. It is too shameful.
At this time, people around the world appeared, looking at the besieged Su Yu as if watching a monkey show.
And Su Yu, cursing secretly in his heart, I won’t be discerned, am I?
The “yin” and “change” divine writings have been exerted to the extreme, and the old tortoise’s restraining technique has also been operated to the extreme, including some other hidden methods, Su Yu exerted his full strength.
Sunyue Jiuzhong is not as good as invincible, but it is also the top group of people in the human realm. It is not impossible to be seen.
Fortunately, no one used willpower to explore him at this moment, it was a bad performance.
And Cheng Mo is here, 西安洗浴网 investigating Cui Lang, who knows what Cheng Mo will do.
“Keep running!”
Cheng Mo smiled, holding his arms, the old man’s beard flying, and smiled: “Go on! I see where you go!”
Su Yu looked embarrassed, “Cheng, misunderstanding, I didn’t run, I I really want to see Xiaoyou on the battlefield of the heavens.”
Cheng Mo laughed, stepped

ly very important.”

As Fuya’s full-time guard, Qianmian 西安耍耍网 has already figured out Fuya’s character, such as Fuya who is extremely autistic. Status…I have already told Qianmen, she didn’t want to answer this question.
But if you don’t want to answer, it means that you know that Qianmen is certain, and Fuya still doesn’t want to care about Qianmen.
Although she 西安夜桑拿论坛 has closed the live broadcast horizon, she is ready to go to sleep.
Qianmen, who had been waiting for two full days, had no choice but to give in at this moment, and sent a text message to Qiao Xiu for help.
“Wait a moment.” After
Qiao Xiu replied to Fuya’s news, Qianmian saw the light shining in the gap in Fuya’s quilt.
This shows that she opened the magic net again.
Qiao Xiu’s voice came from the quilt. Now Qiao Xiu seems to be in a voice communication with Fu Ya? Wrong… video communication?
Finally Fuya poked her head out of the quilt again, Qianmian went around behind Fuya and saw that the screen on her magic net interface was Qiao Xiu.
“Can you see Fu Ya?”
Qiao Xiu waved to the camera. When Fu Ya was about to close the video communication, Qiao Xiu turned the camera screen.
“I’m currently filming on v’s set. V’s script 西安足浴spa was shown to you yesterday. I don’t know if you are interested or not.”
Qiao Xiu pointed the camera at Carole, who had done the heroine’s makeup.
“Does it look like you are not interested? Then I will turn off the video communication first?” Qiao Xiu asked tentatively, looking at Fuya’s pale cheeks.
Fuya pressed her lips tightly when she heard Qiao Xiu’s words, and then gently shook her head with an invisible amplitude.
Interested! Qianmian breathed a sigh of relief, and she really persuaded Fuya that the best tool is not snacks but games and movies.
v The script of this movie hasn’t had time to read, but she took the time to watch the discussion in the film council.
The result of the discussion was blow up. Qianmian didn’t understand what the word blow up meant. It was probably related to

d by a succubus.

” And I don’t 西安品茶网 think there is anything wrong with this deception. Right.”
Qiao Xiu stood on the edge of the forest and looked at the wooden house where Marina lived. Inside, we could hear Marina talking with Ino.
Judging from the performance of which business woman just now, she has indeed regarded Yinuo as her relative, and enjoys this kind of time talking with her relatives.
And Eno seems to have gone too far into the play.
Qiao Xiu didn’t want Eno to have any real feelings for the business woman. The family love exchanged by deception was as beautiful but deadly as a poppy.
When the filming is over, the character Belle no longer exists.
Why can’t it exist?
If the business woman can accept Yinuo’s true identity, Qiao Xiu wouldn’t mind letting Yinuo live with her.
“Maybe we can develop a business of summoning demons in the future.”
Qiao Xiu doesn’t think there is any evil in the rumored ritual 西安桑拿按摩网 of summoning demons. Everyone asks for each other according to the conditions written in the contract, using modern methods. Business partners.
It is rumored that the cost of the summoning ceremony is that life is too horrible.
But in reality, human lives really have no effect on demons. They can neither eat nor use to improve their own strength, so if you replace it with something more practical, such as money, you can accept it a lot.
Hilli doesn’t know how many times he has heard inexplicable words popping out of Qiao Xiu’s mouth.
“The Devil Gang, the Devil’s Intermediary Office, the Devil’s House of Everything, etc., may also drive the economy of the Demon World and the human world. The propaganda slogan uses a summoning formation to help you solve all your problems. Well, it’s just one of my thoughts.”
This is just an idea of ??Qiao Xiu, and this idea is based on the premise that humans can trust the devil.
To accomplish this goal, Qiao Xiu will take a long time, but now the first step is to shoot the movie.
At present, the story in the v

ime to think and react.

“After realizing that the whole world is going wrong, the dragons began to formulate countermeasures and benefited from it. At that time, the dragon clan’s higher level of civilization and awareness of the world, scholars successfully found the root of the problem, and even summarized some laws related to gods by analyzing clues in a series of changes in the world—for example, They realized that it was mortal 西安足浴spa thoughts that affected the judgment of the gods.
“So, the Tarronde Senate at the time made a decision, a’self-help decision’
that I don’t know if it was lucky or unfortunate.” Gawain felt that his mood was constantly fluctuating with the Dragon God’s narration. After a pause, he couldn’t help asking: “What decision?”
“Block Talrond, stop paying attention to world affairs, and then-re-purify and stabilize the dragon’s’orthodox belief system’.”
Hearing the words mentioned by the other party, Gawain suddenly had some bad premonitions in his heart.
The Dragon God continued to tell: “At that time, no dragon was aware of the chain relationship between gods and mortals, and no one thought that gods would stand on the opposite side of civilization in a certain sense-even if the whole world The situation is deteriorating due to the 西安夜桑拿网 bloodthirsty of the gods. The first thing the dragons think of is to’repair’ their belief system, rather than abandon the traditions and beliefs that they have adhered to for thousands of years, so they have formulated a large and orderly The core of the strengthening belief plan is to allow members of the ethnic group to re-believe in the traditional gods in the’correct’ way, so that the gods’return to their proper positions’.
“A large number of temples have been repaired or refurbished, and ancient books have been revised and supplemented again. The members of the tribe regained those old precepts that were declining at the time. Tarrond closed all external channels, as if the entire world outside had disappeared, and the dragon tribe