nt out.

The scout arrived in front of Jiang Hao, flew off his horse and arrived 西安夜桑拿网 in front of Jiang Hao, bowed his hands and said nervously, “Military officer, found a group of Huns in the oasis in front.”
Jiang Hao is cautious in his work . Acting in accordance with the art of war, Sun Tzu’s art of war says: if there are dangers in the army, those who are in danger, lake wells, Jiawei, mountain forests, and scorpions, they must be careful to find out, and this is where the abusive traitor is.
So even if they were so desperate now, Jiang Hao sent a few scouts to explore the way ahead.
When the others heard that there were Huns, they all stood up.
Regardless of the time, the Huns were enemies for the Han people.
“How many people are there?” Jiang Hao asked.
“I observed from a distance, there is almost a team of about 50 people. At this moment, they are drinking horses and eating food and setting up tents. It 西安耍耍网 seems that they are preparing to spend the night in an oasis.” The scout said.
“Has been discovered?”
“No, I was far away. I immediately dismounted to investigate when I found someone in the oasis, but the other party didn’t find it.”
Jiang Hao’s mind immediately began to think.
Since Wang Mang implemented a policy of discriminating against foreigners, it caused the originally stable external environment to be completely messed up. The 36 countries of the Western Regions were demoted, and the 36 countries had suspicions against Wang Mang, who had originally been attached to the Hetao area. The Southern Huns also reversed, and the Northern Huns saw the internal strife of the Han Dynasty, and again began to send troops to capture the Western Regions, harassing and plundering the border towns of the Han Dynasty. For a time, the smoke 西安足浴spa rose again.
It is not surprising that there are Huns in the Western Regions.
In addition, the people of the Western Regions were ambitious and wanted to unify the Western Regions, so they began to rush, and the Western Regions were also constantly


ly powerless to the clown. 西安桑拿夜网 The Penguin said: “Well, this is the end of today’s meeting. Recently, we have let our people converge. We need to continue to wait for opportunities. ”
Jiang Hao returned to the bar and greeted him with an iron fist. After seeing Brother 西安夜生活论坛 Octopus, he laughed and said, “Edward, you are famous, and now the entire Gotham and even the entire United States know you as Brother Octopus.”
This time Brother Octopus did indeed. As a hero, Jiang Hao said to Tie Quan: “I promised to prepare some girls for Edward, you will arrange it.”
“No problem, boss, there are many girls in the bar.” Tie Quan said with a smile.
Brother Octopus paused and said to Jiang Hao: “Boss, I want to try to make one by myself.”
Jiang Hao was a little surprised when he heard that, yes , after some things, his personality is not as shabby as before, so he dared to make a girl by himself. .
“Go, you have the final say in the whole bar tonight!” Jiang Hao smiled.
Jiang Hao came to the third floor, poured himself a glass of wine, took a sip, and then opened the system panel. In fact, shortly after he left the court, he received a system prompt, and 西安夜桑拿论坛 there was more than one sound, but he kept resisting it. Now You can safely view it.
“Ding~you played with Batman and got 20 points.”
“Ding~you played the beautiful family law and got 10 points.”
“Ding~you played with Penguins and other gangster families and got 5 points.” Point.”
Seeing a series of three rewards, Jiang Hao was very happy. He had already scored 20 points before, and now with these, he has already scored 55 points, which is more than half of the task.
At this time, I should find someone to celebrate, but the clown girl is not at home, and that girl is an idle master, and I don’t know where to go to play.
Leaning on the sofa, Jiang Hao touched his chin and thought about what to do next. He soon had an idea. He was going to investigate the matter of the’superhuman potion’ and the’cosmic energy stone’. He felt that these two things,