so repair my Tongtian Gate!”

Su Yu just looked at him silently.
Tongtianhou was a little bit ridiculous, and he hadn’t broken his mouth for many days. It seemed that he had said something wrong as soon as he came.
“Ahem, your majesty can’t die, let alone your majesty has no descendants”
Su Yu continued to look at him, Tongtianhou was embarrassed, and chuckled: “I don’t mean to mock your majesty! I have no descendants, your majesty, you see, I have no descendants. I didn’t find a door to be a wife!”
Da Zhou Wang rolled his eyes, you might as well leave it alone.
The more you speak, the more wrong!
Tongtianhou had no choice but to quickly change the subject: “Able to cultivate portal power should be achieved with some agreement with the portal, or simply have will be imprinted in it! For example, your majesty can cultivate the ancestors of your majesty, or human race. Ancestor, there is a strong person who imprinted his power on the gate of heaven!”
Su Yu raised his eyebrows: “Who are our ancestors?”
Human ancestors are not. It can only be said that human ancestors 西安夜网论坛 were one of the leaders of mankind in the past. Existences such as text, sun, moon, and stars are the bigwigs of a certain era, but they are not the original ancestors of the human race.
The Emperor of Humanity can open the Gate of Heaven, so can Su Yu, and the King of Wen also represent them. Their ancestor may be one. This is also possible. Is there any connection with the Gate of Heaven?
And Renzu, is there a mark left in the door?
And the Prison King or the Flame Demon King, have their marks left in the gate of the earth?
At this time, Su Yu became interested in some of the more ancient powers.
Tongtianhou shrugged: “Maybe it’s the Lord of Time? If he has descendants, I think that all three disciplines can be cultivated, it’s
okay !” Well, it seems to make sense.
Su Yu, the lord of time, became more and more interested in him. 西安耍耍网 Where is this supreme being?
Even the Lord of Necromancers was not dead, Su Yu

If you don’t die, I won’t kill you today. What do you think?” The

Emperor Underworld looked solemn, and the next moment, he said coldly, “King Wen, no matter how strong you are, you are only one person. ”
He looked at the strong man next to him, and he felt a lot more emboldened.
Su Yu smiled lightly: “It’s the first class anyway. I really don’t want to take me a try? Let’s see if I have made any progress in the past few years.西安夜网论坛 In Tianmen, I have suffered multiple injuries?”
Su Yu smiled brightly. “How about trying? If you alone don’t dare to pick you up together, take my move, and you’ll give it up today!” The
Emperor Underworld looked heavy.
When King Wen and King Wu appeared, he was actually a little frightened, a little scared, and didn’t want to fight again.
Because even if there is a real victory, I am afraid that many people will die!
At this moment, Wang Wen said that he would give up today. He didn’t take it seriously. He was just thinking, how strong is Wang Wen after he has been in Tianmen for many years?
Is he injured?
It vaguely felt that he was injured, and his breath was erratic, and the same was true for King Wu. Perhaps both of them were seriously injured.
On his side, at this moment, plus the seven or eight powerhouses who came before, they have reached as many as 30!
If it is King Wen and King Wu, it is really impossible to fight if two people can kill 30 strong men.
The Emperor Underworld looked gloomy and coldly said: “King Wen, how much power do you have? Bluff!”
Su Yu smiled 西安耍耍网and said, “Try it. If I was bluffing, wouldn’t I just give you a chance?”
Su Yu smiled brightly. , The next moment, a giant pen appeared in his hand. At this moment, the power of the surrounding world was covered. The Emperor Underworld and the others vaguely felt that something was wrong, but at this moment they all looked at King Wen and King Wu with full attention.
The rulers behind him all sweat a little.
There are some rulers of the King Wen, who came from the late Jin

here’s something inside, but it’s not easy to find out. I got her testimony, especially the video material is very crucial, confirming what happened at the scene. everything. ” “

we urgently to the prosecutor’s office to file your return, after analysis, found your behavior is the victim bailout, beating harm behavior is self-defense, and even your behavior, should be considered courageous. ”
” The new justified defense explanation just came down a few days ago. For example, you can implement defense against illegal intrusion into other people’s houses.”
” You can implement defense against the behavior of pulling the bus steering wheel and beating the driver.”
“Try to avoid conflicts and continue 西安耍耍论坛 to infringe.” Fighting back is considered defense.”
“In particular, when a suspect commits illegal infringements, such as murder, robbery, rape, kidnapping, abduction and trafficking cases that infringe on women and children, counterattack is considered to be a legitimate act, and special defenses can even be implemented. Those who cause unlawful infringements are not excessive defense and are not criminally liable.”
“There are many more, I won’t tell you. Now there is evidence that you are trying to prevent the unlawful infringement from happening, and it was the other party who took action. Before, your reaction is justified, you don’t need to pay any legal responsibility, and you should even be rewarded.”
“By the way, the two guys you beat have been arrested and are suspected of molesting women.”
Jiang Hao looked at the document 西安品茶网 and was excited. , I finally got rid of the injustice.
He did not cry when he was caught.
He did not cry in the detention center.
But at this moment, he has the urge to cry.
“Then I can go out now?” Jiang Hao asked.
“Of course, there are a few formalities here. You can go out after you sign and take back your own things. It’s a bit biased here. I’ll take you back to the city.” The old policeman said.
Jiang Hao took the pen and signed it quickly.

受沙尘影响 我国北方多地今明两天空气质量恶化

orter raised the microphone and asked a doctor, “It was reported earlier that a martial arts master clicked a finger. Do you think 西安洗浴网 he caused it?”
“There is no obvious trauma. As for how it was caused, it changed with just a finger poke. It’s hard to understand, unless there are mysterious people in this world, such as superpowers, other than that, it can’t be explained.” The doctor said.
What happened in the United States quickly spread to China. Chinese netizens commented after seeing Jiang Hao’s interview in the United States.
“This host is ill-intentioned. It is obvious that he is trying to trick Boss Jiang, framing us for stealing American technology. Their arrogance has not changed.”
“Openly challenged Google, Haoran’s technology is awesome!!!”
“Oh my God, Is there really martial arts? I used to spray martial arts, but this time I knocked the champion of a with one finger. What happened?”
“It’s the power of money. After all, boss Jiang is a 西安桑拿按摩网 billionaire. Bent the waist, I feel like I’m on a show.”
Anyway, the world was upset by Jiang Hao’s interview. In the hotel, someone knocked on the room, the assistant opened the door, and met a few men in black. She also wears an fbi vest.
The leader showed his credentials, “We are fbi, and now there is a wounding case that needs to be brought back to be investigated.”
Before they could finish, two white men in suits came out of the back room and said to fbi with a smile: ” I’m the lawyer Mr. Jiang Hao just hired. Do you mean Todd in the wounding case.”
“Yes, Todd is likely to be disabled and paralyzed in bed for life. We have the right to take Jiang Hao. Go back to be investigated.” fbi said.
“No, it’s not hurting people, it’s just sports competitions. We have signed the exemption statement before. We have the original 西安夜桑拿网 signed by both parties. Competitive sports injuries are inevitable. This is definitely not the reason for the conviction.” The lawyer said.
The two sides fought each other at the door. In the end, fbi had to questi