hat’s the matter with this maid? Under normal circumstances, shouldn’t the men draw their swords to help and help the girl who is suffering from poisonous gas? ?

Why are you proficient in detoxification treatment techniques!
Isn’t Mr. Mu your master? Wouldn’t it make him unhappy if you did this?
Chapter 459: Who Sleeps With Who? [
Request a monthly ticket] When the maid Xiaosuo was treating the girl she encountered on the road, Ren Suo was controlling Master Mu to check the warehouse at investigation point 26.
This warehouse belongs to the place where clues can be investigated, and this time because a special plot was finally triggered, Ren Suo was in a good mood, so he asked Mr. Mu to check 西安品茶网 every corner of the warehouse, and even click on the “rat shit” in the corner. “Further investigation” several times.
Under such a carpet-like investigation, there are really more investigations than the previous few times.
Mr. Mu inspected the black stains on the ground in the state of “Magic Eyes Through the Sky”, and suddenly a strange picture flashed: thin men, slain women, hatchets, lights, and a line of neatly armored warriors.
“There was evil here.” In the name of Mozun’s subordinates, he tortured and killed dozens of civilians. He committed evil for half a month and was only recently discovered by the Soul Palace warrior.”
There is no need for Ren Suo to analyze the picture here. Young Master Mu quickly sorted out these clues by himself. “This is the first time this son has come to Yingzhou. Naturally, it is impossible to 西安耍耍论坛 accept
this subordinate more than ten days ago. This villain had a mental disorder. After being discovered by the Yingzhou Soul Palace warrior, he swore to the death and resisted, and finally chanted’Devil Respect Pro.’ On the day, all the rebellious ministers should die, but he didn’t seem to know his son, nor did he pronounce his name.
However, when the people of the temple successfully slandered him, the testimony became six. Dapai attacked this son as one