is that He has the power to resist.

In the
wailing of “Ah” , Brannigan’s body exploded, a thin, thick black divine substance with a predatory breath that seemed to be capable of any simulation change, bursting out of nothingness, and instantly flooding the entire narrative domain.
These substances have undergone hundreds of millions of changes, and they have turned into mice, moths, worms, snakes, or many weird species, and some simply vanished and disappeared in place.
He wants to flee, the last struggle.
But the next second, this picture will freeze.
“The compulsory narrative domain is destroyed, and the authority is determined to force the narrative to continue!

Once again, Brannigan’s projection had to show up.
His deception, stealing, and hidden divinity are not weak.
But in the face of compulsory narratives and fantasies, he actually has no room to struggle, and he also knows this, so what he really wants is to blew himself up.
However, the soul curse took away this right from him.
Whenever he has this idea, it will be eliminated because of some imposed setting, which makes him more painful.
The black divine substance he transformed is somewhat similar to the original “black mud of origin” in terms of performance, but the gap between the two is huge.
Especially Brannigan is not the body here, it is only a quarter, just the projection of the clone.
He possessed a large number of methods, other skins and vests could not be used.
So at this moment, He can only feel pain.
Even his body will be punished.
Tang Qi didn’t immediately interrogate or dig up secret knowledge. He just regarded the “Soul Splitting Curse” as a punishment to punish Brannigan for trying to deceive and steal him.
The soul curse prevented Brannigan from leaving, no matter what form he changed into, he was limited to the narrative domain.
Even when Tang Qi’s wicked taste appeared, and a layer of Transforming Curse was superimposed, he had to accept the tragic ending of being rubbed and flattened by Tan