ntry is not as simple as everyone imagined.

“You are all players in the strongest kings group. Didn’t you notice that there are many strange players in the strongest kings group, and their strength is not inferior to the first-class professional players, but you don’t know who he is at all?” Li Tuchuan Opened his mouth and said.
“I also noticed what you said. Recently, I played in qualifying and felt that a lot of new faces appeared.” Bai Feng nodded.
“The level of our national service Ionia is very high in the world. Many Olympians from India, Thailand, and Japan are lurking in our servers, and the same is true for Hanbok. In fact, Miss Xia from the strongest king group is actually Someone has secretly investigated the IP, I read a few IDs, you will understand.” Li Tuchuan said.
“Ionia, the second place in the strongest kings group, Mitsuri, he is a foreign agent accessing, and the IP address should be from Japan.”
“Ionia, the sixth place in the strongest kings group, LuLu, The same is foreign agent access, and the IP address is Thailand.”
“Ionia, the tenth most powerful king, hypocritical, foreign agent access, the IP address is Russia.”
Everyone has listened to Li Tuchuan ‘s words. , His face was full of astonishment!
These three IDs are actually very familiar to everyone. The strongest king group is those people who will always encounter them. Their strength has already been buried in the world-class level. At first, everyone thought it was a domestic professional. Players, who knew they were foreign masters!
It is a shame that three of the top ten were actually taken up by foreigners!
“Government power is Niucha, and all the players’ IPs can be found.” Emperor Song said with emotion.
The words of Emperor Song suddenly made Yu Luocheng’s mind a flash of inspiration!
All the IPs of the players in the strongest kings group can be found
. What about the shallow dream who is in sixth place in Ionia?
So far, Yu Luosheng hasn’t figured out his identity. He said he was in Beijing before,