Answer Do not agree to say otherwise.

In short, Yu Luosheng’s interpretation is so.
Other women, with some clear hints, can basically be said to be soaked, and they are girlfriends.
Qianmeng Xia Yuli’s 10,000 cards are not played according to the rules. Her permission to chase you means that you are allowed to sway before her full, and you are allowed to show some courtesy. In fact, the qualifications and quotas allowed for chasing are even harder for Nima than for a normal girl to find a boyfriend, because if Xia Yuli has a dislike for chasing her, he will linger for an extra day, and the military bodyguard next to Xia Yingxing will If you can screw this guy out with one hand, those who are acquainted should stop asking for trouble. If you don’t know, you can put a gun on your head and ask you if you are going to roll. Ordinary boys will just be scared of peeing.
Yu Luosheng had heard about this kind of thing a long time ago by his second sister Xia Ning, so the men in the entire national team felt that the dark and cold murderous spirit surrounding Qianmeng was actually true or not!
Therefore, Yu Luosheng feels that he should not be guilty of being cheap. When he was guilty of being cheap, he was afraid of himself, and accidentally annoyed her. When he turned around, he could directly say to you: I don’t think about you. So don’t talk about the swaying, just say a word and you can see the brother of the army who may not be able to fight for five or six weeks.
“Stop wordy, hurry up and follow, you have to go far.” Xia Yingxing pushed Yu Luosheng directly out of the door, then the umbrella in the basket was stuffed up in one breath and told Yu Luosheng, “Just Said that all the umbrellas here were lost by Daluo.”
“” Yu Luosheng was speechless for a while.
It could not be seen that in order for her younger sister to live a life like a normal girl in the future, this sister Xia Yingxing has already become black.
Indeed, when he was at the base, Daluo was an umbrella madman, took one out, but nev