uddenly, the stinger threw the lantern behind!

At the moment behind the lantern, you can see Raven flying out of the blind spot of vision from behind!
Yu Luosheng and Lin Dong were planning to go up and fight with Han Zongzhi, who knew that Thresh suddenly called a brother over, and they were so scared that they hurried to hand in displacement skills!
The Frost Witch has displacement skills. Her magic crampons can slide along the ground for a distance of 800 or 900 yards, but it is a pity that she is not a skill that moves as quickly as Ezreal, she must When the crampons slide to the key position, they can move to the end of the crampons instantaneously.
And Mo has grasped this most important weakness. Before Yu Luocheng was about to use the magic crampons to move away, he made two very gorgeous consecutive jumps and forwards and flashes!
The sword is dancing in the hand, and using three consecutive Ravens with displacement effects is almost like charging on the surface. The coolest thing is the effect of going forward and flashing together. You can see the shocking disability. The shadow is in the space that Raven passes by, this is the limit speed!
In the short time when the crampons were sliding, Raven of Mori had completed this series of ultra-fast displacements, and Raven, who had stepped on his sword, appeared in front of Yu Luosheng!
Shock the sword and roar! ! ! !
The blade was raised high, and a sword halo accompanied by the ancient rune of the sword slammed around Raven’s body, and the power quickly passed to Yu Luocheng where the Frost Witch was, rushing over the Frost Witch’s body!
He was so numb that he couldn’t move, and he felt like he was in a coma.
Yu Luosheng pressed the keyboard and wanted to switch positions with the crampons, but it was a pity that Mo’s movements were too fast, and he stunned Yu Luocheng just before he could move!
0.75 seconds to dizzy time, this is estimated to be the time of a normal attack at most in the eyes of ordinary people, what use can it be, but