side of the three of them, who came to this thirty-third sector almost with them. Several other new visitors.

Rose tried her best to control herself not to see those new visitors. Although she was in a negative state, after being reminded by Tang Qi’s reaction, her keen perception finally felt something. It was an extremely scary one, which made her soul. The breath of trembling for it, and immediately wanting to turn around and escape.
In the depths of her heart, Tang Qi’s doubtful voice suddenly sounded.
“Rose, how many times has the library been hacked?”
ps: Everyday comes to an end, enter a new university, ask for a monthly pass, chrysanthemum is stared at.
Chapter 158 The Insect of the
Blank The reason Tang Qi asked that question was because at that moment, he saw something terrifying out of the corner of his eye.
Originally, what Tang Qi shouldn’t see was just to peek at the flaws in Rose’s ascension path, and Tang Qi quietly turned on the knowledge of everything.
Inadvertently, Tang Qiyuguang swept over the new visitors who came to this [Library 33rd Section] with the three of them.
There are a total of seven figures, human-like appearances, but they are races with very different details from human beings.
They are about half a meter tall and more goblins than goblins. Their heads, bodies, and limbs are made of emerald green leaves, pale moss, and muddy mud.
Tang Qi knew for the first time that their race name was “Granuma people”, but the information related to them was not important, because the bodies of these people had become containers.
They are a kind of walking empty shells, real horrible things, and they are hidden in their bodies.
Tang Qi saw, or rather, saw the outline of one of them.
Yes, there are no details, only outlines.
It is a “worm”, at least in its external form.
It is transparent and colored.
It doesn’t seem to exist, but it does exist.
When it exists, it is about the size of a thumb, at least this time in Tang Qi’s eyes.
It is like a glass larva th