when he taught everyone that the eyes should not be simply regarded as the field of vision, but should be regarded as the formation method.

If the enemy starts a group in his own formation, then the probability of his own victory will be greatly increased!
And the view of the east and the west, especially the scattered placement and the untechnical placement, is equivalent to sending 20 yuan and 30 yuan to the enemy. After all, in this kind of game, everyone will bring scanning and real eyes. When your scout guard is placed in a place where the enemy is easy to scan and detect, it has no effect other than seeing the opponent there temporarily.
The eye is to set the array, and a support that can set the array is the top-level support!
In short, from the placement of the eyes, Yu Luosheng already knew where the level of the crotch of this little crotch was.
“Help me tell him that these eyes are meaningless.” Yu Luosheng said to Sap.
Sap glanced at the eye positions of Xiaolong’s position. Indeed, as Yu Luosheng said, the crotch eyes of the small pants were not very good.
A pinch can determine the strength of a person. The second time Sap has changed Yu Luosheng’s view is the two previous 4 Ghost Eyes and 3 Wolf Eyes, directly blocking the murderous intentions of heroes like Nightmare.
Sure enough, after a while, the nightmare appeared near Xiaolong.
He already had a scanner on his body, and as soon as he stepped into the river, he used the scanner to pull out the upper eye.
Afterwards, this guy cooperated with the bottom road duo to arrange the true eyes at the bottom of the formation. The
head and the tail are gone, leaving only one eye on his body that is useless. It is impossible to determine whether the enemy has any. support.
“This dragon can’t be taken, let’s withdraw it.” Yu Luosheng sighed.
With a good formation, Yu Luosheng dared to take the dragon. After all, the opponent was missing one person. It would take a while for their mid laner to come back to support.
But the field o