ers and furnace bullets that Tang Qi used to make with the stupid “immersion method” before, but after all, they are all extraordinary bullets, whether for personal use or experimentation. After success, sell it to the market.

Or, trading with the Castle Bureau is an excellent choice.
And what Tang Qi paid was just a useless mutant troll corpse.
From this point of view, the four-member group made no mistakes in evaluating Tang Qi as a “treacherous man”.
A long journey has yielded a lot, and Tang Qi planned to organize it after returning to the small masonry building.
It’s just that as soon as he entered the Meser City area, he frowned.
“Something’s wrong!”
Tang Qi’s body suddenly appeared on the back of the night beast, one person and one beast felt it, and there was a bloody smell in the air not far away.
Although, it is already very weak.
But after being able to pass the wind, Tang Qi and Ye Beast still smelled it, and you can imagine what the original concentration would be.
Tang Qi immediately looked below the area with the strongest bloody smell, and a large familiar scene appeared.
“Blank area!”
Subconsciously, Tang Qi took out the one-way iron sheet and input a trace of the power of the furnace. Tang Qi immediately sensed a fresh breath of life on the opposite side.
It was Sally, and nothing happened.
“It seems that the strength of the lucky body exceeds my expectations.”
After a mutter, Tang Qi turned the night beast into a shadow, and landed in Meser City with him in the last darkness before the dawn. For the time being, he did not recover himself, but appeared in the Bronk area as a “second body.”
The night beast is very big, but it can ignore these, just turning into a small shadow, attached to Tang Qi’s arm, like a tattoo.
He is like a burly “gangster”, perfectly integrated into the Bronx.
It’s just that the area that appeared in front of his eyes at this time made Tang Qi, who should have been familiar, also reveal a strange color.
The smell of blood!