ng to kill me at the time, so I didn’t tell you. I was not reconciled when I came back. I went to Bangkok two days ago and finally found a clue that Tang Dayu spent money to buy a gang leader named Karasong in Pattaya, Bangkok to kill me.” Jiang Hao said.

Wang Sen’s face was angry, “Is the news accurate?”
“One hundred percent accurate.”
Wang Sen slowly lit the cigarette and asked after taking two puffs, “What do you want to do.”
Jiang Hao said excitedly, “Big Brother, this I must avenge my grudges. If you don’t get rid of Tang Dayu, maybe that guy will attack me in the future and he must die.”
“I’m going to bring people to level Yau Ma Tei directly, grab Yau Ma Tei, and take the opportunity to kill Tang Dayu, Brother Seng, and the boss of Dongxing District. They all occupy one area, even if the smiling tiger is like that, they all occupy Wan Chai. Let’s Yau Tsim Wan. The districts are scattered. Yau Ma Tei is close to Mong Kok, and you can call in at any time. Brother will not forget the last time Tang Dayu led someone to ambush you. Also, don’t you want to unify Yau Tsim Mong.” Jiang Hao bewitched.
Unify Yau Tsim Wan, this is indeed very tempting.
“But Hong Xing will probably fight back. Their leader Jiang Tiansheng will not sit back and watch us kill Tang Dayu and occupy Yau Ma Tei.” Wang Sen frowned slightly.
“Brother Sen, you once told me that if you want to develop, you have to work hard. It is impossible to wait and hesitate. If you specifically fight Tang Dayu, I will do it. Then I will get it in Yau Ma Tei and give it to Sen. Brother manages.”
“As for Hongxing, you can give the reason, say it is a personal grievance, you can find Brother Camel to fight Jiang Tiansheng, as long as Jiang Tiansheng doesn’t want to have a full-scale conflict with Dongxing, wait until we take Yau Ma Tei. , He can only admit that he suffers this loss.” Jiang Hao said.
Wang Sen gritted his teeth, his cigar butts were squashed. After thinking for about a minute, the expression in his eyes gradual