ed in in a blink of an eye.

“Shall we change a place to hide?” Someone asked in a low voice, “What if something is chased out in the forest?”
“No need to change,” Ren Xiaosu shook his head: “They obviously want to hide in us. As a result, we took the position first. This at least shows that the cave we are in should be safe enough.”
“What are they hiding?” Liu Bu wondered.
At this time, Xu Xianchu looked at the forest outside the cave: “They may be hiding from this forest, or the forest at night.”
Ren Xiaosu nodded, “I think so too. Animals are far more alert to danger than humans. stronger, because that is their instinct. you will recall that you, through 西安夜桑拿论坛 the canyon when we see that there are human bones lying there, but after we entered the forest do not see any bones of animals, which is not normal. ”
As long as it is a living thing, there will be birth, old age, sickness and death. How can it be impossible to even see the bones of an animal?” Ren Xiaosu continued: “I used to discard fish bones and fish meat in the woods south of the canyon, and the result was second. When I checked it in the morning, I found that they were gone, and there were no traces around them. They were exactly the same way as Xu Xia’s body was lost. And these missing bones or people have one thing in common, that is, they are in the woods. ”
Yes,” Xu Xianchu nodded, “Moreover, these creatures are so afraid of the woods. There is obviously a problem with this wood.” The
man-eating woods and
other people looked at the woods outside with a little surprise. Could it be that after the evolution of animals, even plants have evolved? ?
Xu Xianchu comforted: “But this is actually a good thing. Now that we have discovered the pattern, we can take precautions in advance.” The
unknown fear becomes the known fear, 西安洗浴网 and even if you understand what it is, the feeling of fear is Can drop slightly.
Yes, as long as you don’t enter the woods at night, isn’t it all right?
Thinking of this, the previous psychologic