are a total of 9!

Arranged like a long dragon!
And the Blood Dragon Hou is in the leading position.
After that, several other huge dragon cities spread to both sides.
Like a dragon flying in the sky!
In the north, in the territory of the dragon clan, the dragon aura is permeated, and the power of the avenue seems to carry the aura of the dragon clan, and so does the vitality.
The abundant dragon energy has even turned into small dragons.
Su Yu scanned them one by one, “Nine dragon cities, 7 people, one should be Tianlonghou, and the other one is not known whether the owner is dead or not.” The
7 people 西安足浴spajoined together!
Same as the Underworld.
Su Yu didn’t look at the direction where the Blood Dragon Hou was, but looked towards the dragon body, looked for a while, and quickly said: “Plus the Blood Dragon Hou, 7 people are in the same Dao state! Of course, it is not ruled out that someone is sleeping,西安洗浴网 this It’s not easy to observe!”
“Seventh, a Heavenly King Realm! The Golden Dragon Hou is not weak. From the perspective of the power of the Great Dao, it is also a top-level Hedao! Second-class Hedao! The other 5 Hedao, third-class one , One of the fourth class, the remaining three are considered fifth class!”
Su Yu smiled: “Dragon clan, it’s really not weak! If Longhou was there that day, it would be the third class, and the dragon clan had another one who died in battle. Dragon Sovereign also has the strength of the fourth class.”
Such strength is really not weak.
A heavenly king, with a lot of harmony.
Better than the upper world human race!
Su Yu didn’t stay here for a long time, and quickly flew in another direction. After flying for a while, about 20 minutes, Su Yu stopped and looked in the other direction. It was a phoenix 西安桑拿夜网 with wings spreading out!
The site of the Feng Clan, Fengcheng!
Su Yu also looked at Fengcheng and said with emotion: “Awesome, comparable to the strength of the dragon clan! The phoenix head is close to the position of the dragon’s tail! Th