so repair my Tongtian Gate!”

Su Yu just looked at him silently.
Tongtianhou was a little bit ridiculous, and he hadn’t broken his mouth for many days. It seemed that he had said something wrong as soon as he came.
“Ahem, your majesty can’t die, let alone your majesty has no descendants”
Su Yu continued to look at him, Tongtianhou was embarrassed, and chuckled: “I don’t mean to mock your majesty! I have no descendants, your majesty, you see, I have no descendants. I didn’t find a door to be a wife!”
Da Zhou Wang rolled his eyes, you might as well leave it alone.
The more you speak, the more wrong!
Tongtianhou had no choice but to quickly change the subject: “Able to cultivate portal power should be achieved with some agreement with the portal, or simply have will be imprinted in it! For example, your majesty can cultivate the ancestors of your majesty, or human race. Ancestor, there is a strong person who imprinted his power on the gate of heaven!”
Su Yu raised his eyebrows: “Who are our ancestors?”
Human ancestors are not. It can only be said that human ancestors 西安夜网论坛 were one of the leaders of mankind in the past. Existences such as text, sun, moon, and stars are the bigwigs of a certain era, but they are not the original ancestors of the human race.
The Emperor of Humanity can open the Gate of Heaven, so can Su Yu, and the King of Wen also represent them. Their ancestor may be one. This is also possible. Is there any connection with the Gate of Heaven?
And Renzu, is there a mark left in the door?
And the Prison King or the Flame Demon King, have their marks left in the gate of the earth?
At this time, Su Yu became interested in some of the more ancient powers.
Tongtianhou shrugged: “Maybe it’s the Lord of Time? If he has descendants, I think that all three disciplines can be cultivated, it’s
okay !” Well, it seems to make sense.
Su Yu, the lord of time, became more and more interested in him. 西安耍耍网 Where is this supreme being?
Even the Lord of Necromancers was not dead, Su Yu