ned combat power?”

“That’s under the combined path!”
Tian Mian was angry, I unblocked it, brought a big stick, I was number one!
Su Yu didn’t bother to pay attention, constantly shuttled through the space, once again swallowed a drop of Dapeng 西安洗浴网 Bird’s essence and blood, which was already the fifth drop he swallowed today. He extracted the most of Dapeng Bird’s essence and blood, with 9 drops out.
If it continues for a while, this Harmony Essence and Blood will be used up, but there are still some of the Dragon Emperor’s.
The speed soared again, and Su Yu instantly penetrated the space and entered the fourth floor.
He didn’t look around, and didn’t pay much attention.
During the closure of Xingyu Mansion, the fluctuations were not small. It may be that Lao Zhou was recovering his vitality. On the whole level, vitality fluctuated so severely that it impacted the Quartet, and Su Yu was too lazy to look at it.
Hurry up and go up to the seventh floor!
If the Eastern Heavenly King and the others don’t come up, it’s okay. They won’t come up for a long time. When the 西安品茶网 chaos is calmed down by Laogui, the Eastern Kingdom will become Laogui’s territory. Can the Eastern Heavenly King stay in the lower level for a lifetime?
What’s more, the opponent is strong, Su Yu felt that he would not hide.
Really, why don’t you have to own it, the Eastern Heavenly King’s idea must be to leave through the seventh-level passage.
The fifth floor, the sixth floor,
Su Yu quickly shuttled through the layers of space, and soon, the seventh floor was here!
Seven floors.
One map!
Last time I was on the seventh floor, Lao Zhou showed his power and flattened the seventh floor!
All the mansions, including Prince Gong’s Mansion, were flattened by Lao Zhou, so there was no grass left on the entire seventh floor. Last time Lao Zhou was really angry and mad.
So at this moment, from far away, you can see the necromantic passage in the distance.
But there is no Guiyuan knife.
There is no Guiyuan Knife,