Su Yu was speechless and ignored her. , Turned around and went to the edge area, perfected his avenue system!

And the time master, madly triumphantly laughed!
Suddenly there is a feeling of suppressing the whole world!
And Wang Wen was helpless, did not say anything, forget it, and let her go proud.
At this moment, King Wu wrote a line in his diary-Time Master Wenyu, On Dao Victory, Su Yu shed tears, Wen Dao wept bitterly, and his appearance was crazy.
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Chapter 908 The Time Master’s Great Victory (seeking subscription)
is within the Tianmen.
In a forbidden area.
When Su Yu and the others were preparing and arranging, a strong man who was closing his eyes and cultivating suddenly opened his eyes.
“My lord!”
someone whispered outside the door.
The strong frowned slightly, and the door of the hall opened automatically without wind.
Outside the door, a black shadow knelt and quickly said: “My lord, there was a big move before the Eternal Life Mountain. Several strong men were summoned to help the fight. As a result, all the fighters seemed to have fallen!” The
strong man was indifferent and said for a long time: “How did it fall?”
“I don’t know for the time being. Heiyue has no news to pass back, and Eternal Life Mountain is closing the mountain. It is said 西安耍耍论坛 that it may have been fighting against King Wen before, the Fa was injured, but now no one can come and go, and the news is difficult to pass. ”
beneath the shadow whispered:” Your honor, if you want to conduct 西安桑拿按摩网 a serious investigation “?
” go on! ”
” Snow “!
shadow disappear quickly, afraid to stay. .
Others go, the elderly eyes open, eyes lengli, with some hesitation, suddenly said: “? Dead law call for help, there is fear to kill King Wen, Wen Yu swallowed the heart, is lost or becomes a”
fist How did these saints die?
Black Moon, what are you doing again?
Fistmaster is the top powerhouse of the 31st Dao anyway, and he is also the master of the forbidden land, but t