Hearing the girl’s voice behind, Zhao Huo’s first reaction was: Is their child a girl? Then why do they ask about female teachers? Shouldn’t it be asking the male teacher?

Then Zhao Huo’s second reaction was: Wait, this girl’s voice is a bit familiar!
Zhao Huo turned his head and saw a girl opening the glass door of the dormitory building through the beeper and taking the couple into the second dormitory building.
Zhao Huo’s eyesight is very good. Although it is dark now, he can still see from a distance. Is that girl Ren Xingmei?
Wait, you have a daughter named Ren Xingmei?
Your son is Ren Suo?
Then you don’t need to worry about his life-long events!
Your son has already been booked by the strongest and most beautiful female teacher in the college. Not surprisingly, even if your son goes to the poor and falls to the Huangquan, he 西安桑拿按摩网 will definitely not escape the palm of his future wife!
Wait, Dong Chengling seems to be cooking at Ren Suo’s house now?
Oops, something moved, and I don’t want to pick up the plane, I want to go to Ren Suo’s house to watch.
“Why don’t you come here!” Ren Xingmei complained in the elevator.
“Do you think we want to come? It’s not your brother who urges you, so your dad and I took the high-speed rail from Baiyun. It costs a few hundred yuan to pay.” Ren Ma crossed her hands and snorted, and then curiously asked: “Now , Did your brother find a girlfriend?”
“That’s right.” Ren’s mother sighed: “I thought your brother introduced his girlfriend to us through the winter solstice, so I urged us to come over now. It seems that there is such a good thing?”
Ding Dong, the elevator reached the fourth floor.
Ren Xingmei’s face changed. 西安夜桑拿网 After stepping out of the elevator, she asked, “Then what if Brother really finds a girlfriend? Mom, what do you think?”
“What can I think? Ugly daughter-in-law always has to see her in-laws. As long as the person your brother is looking for has a better temper, your mother and I don’t have any other requirements. Our f