eral armored vehicles. They would not part ways with the main force until they entered the northern forest.

At this time, the students in the field hospital were still waiting for Ren Xiaosu to go back and ask for an autograph or something, but they did not expect that Ren Xiaosu would never return to the field hospital after he left.
Barrier No. 176 is the Daniu Mountain line in the south.
“Safety.” The
unique electric current in the communication channel conveys the message. A five-person elite Wang special force is infiltrating the north of Daniu Mountain. The responsibility it shoulders is to detect the movements of the northern barbarians. .
After the 176th barrier was broken, Wang’s main force retreated to the area of ??Daniu Mountain, and then waited for 西安夜桑拿论坛 those forces occupying Kong to come and converge.
In fact, in the past half a month, the Wang clan has experienced more battles than the fire, after all, they bear the brunt of the barbarian’s path to the south.
The fighting situation was very tragic, and this situation did not finally get better until the rest of Wang’s main force arrived at the Daniu Mountain defense line.
The good news is that the barbarians seem to have suffered heavy losses. These northern tribes no longer attacked, but turned to guerrillas in the mountains.
At this time, the five-person team quickly penetrated towards the north of the mountain range. The destination of their trip was Wangganling, north of Daniu Mountain, which is one of the known advance bases of barbarians.
Wang once captured several barbarians alive for interrogation, and the other party finally 西安夜网论坛 confessed that a general of the expeditionary army was stationed there.
“There is still 21 kilometers away from the target location, and it is expected to arrive in two hours,” the captain of the special forces 西安桑拿夜网 said on the communications channel.
Two hours later, the five-person team crossed the mountain very smoothly, which made them a little puzzled, because they didn’t