tually a combination of some great roads. At this moment, Su Yu said again: “The universe is the heaven and the earth, the heaven and the earth have life and death, there are yin and yang, there are five elements, there is air, there is earth, and the air floats as the sky. Shen Weidi, these are the ways that need to be integrated in the next step!”

“The foundation of building Yu must be counted, and the deduction is good. How to integrate for 15 days is enough!”
Su Yu smiled and said: “I only look at the present, no Looking at the future, the future is unquestionable. 西安桑拿按摩网 I really want to fail in the future. If I can’t close my avenue, then let me be the loser of Kaitian!”
“In the future, leave me an article on “Yuhuang clears the way and the middle road collapses.”殂’seems to be a good legend too!”
Everyone is very heavy.
Wan Tian Sheng took a deep breath: “Listen to Su Yu, take Yu as the foundation! Next, let’s try more, and simply try some things. In this half month, the blue sky, you and I will try all kinds of avenues. Power! There are also several seniors who are research geniuses. Please do a lot of calculations on this matter. The deduction is very troublesome. We are not good at it.”
Several people nodded.
An elderly necromantic man, at this moment, also spoke for the first time, with a low voice: “It’s better to use some virtual ways and try it! But Su Yu’s way needs to be used to 西安桑拿夜网 clear the way and cannot be easily tried.”
He thought for a while and said: “Is there any other way to get some virtual Dao, to do some simple attempts to merge, so that it is safer!”
Virtual Dao, pseudo Dao Qirong!
Su Yu’s eyes moved slightly, Qi Rong is also an expert in the study of the Dao, Hongmeng has already said that Qi Rong and Fat Ball are going to take some false Dao.
Do you want to bring Qi Rong in too?
Research together!
At this moment, one more person, one more strength.
Thinking of this, Su Yu nodded: “I will go to find someone right away, do you need anything else?”