a complete set of exercises in one go, or reopening 36 or suppressing the repulsive force of the acupoints, fuck, do you really think you are a god?

It’s normal if it blows up!
When he reached 34, Zhao Li almost pulled off his beard. If he didn’t blow it up, he would be crazy.
Fortunately, it finally exploded!
Su Yu frowned, stepped forward to check, and sighed, Zhou Hao’s fate 西安耍耍论坛 is really great!
Yes, Zhou Hao’s fate is really big.
I’m not ready to try it anyway!
Originally planned to give Zhou Hao a try directly, because Su Yu was very satisfied with his derivation. If it hadn’t been for Zhao Li to help him deduce the magic method last time, he hadn’t thought of asking someone to help.
It can only be said that Zhou Hao was lucky, but he discovered the problem. Zhou Hao should thank Su Yu for his responsibility and Zhao Li for his model.
Su Yu likes himself in his heart!
I’m really responsible, and I’m still thinking about the test product.
“Teacher, I have run to this point. I am a little bit repulsive. Look at what caused this.”
Zhao Li is not in a hurry. He can run up to 34, which already means that this exercise is basically formed.
The follow-up question is not too big.
After checking it, Zhao Li 西安夜桑拿论坛 adjusted the association methods of several acupuncture points, and quickly installed one of the previously exploded acupuncture points, and said: “Try again, in addition, if you need this thing, take one back. Next time, don’t try new exercises indiscriminately. It’s easy to get into trouble.”
“Thank you, teacher.”
Su Yu didn’t ask about the price. It was definitely not cheap.
Zhao Li has no money, because he really has no merits.
But the old man has a lot of good things and a lot of materials. If his warehouse is willing to sell, he doesn’t know how much he can sell.
While trying a new method of exercise, Su Yu asked: “Teacher, if this is successful, you can try it
. How many have you opened these 36 acupuncture points?” “24.”
Zhao Li looked at it. At a glance,