they are here, they have no regrets or regrets. “Are you ready,” Ren Xiaosu asked. “Ready!” In an instant, the soldiers of the first group turned around and silently watched the golden torrent collide with the enemy, and the golden and ocher formed a clear boundary for fighting. They felt the strangeness in their hearts, as if some of the most primitive blood was suddenly awakened. That was the battle they most desired. They lived and died together. They only needed to follow in the footsteps of the person in front, even if they were willing to go. The flame in my heart started to burn, blood The liquid was boiling hot, and everyone seemed to have suddenly returned to the afternoon when they were sworn into the army. Standing under the banner of the Northwest Army, everyone clenched their right fists, and then, with the simplest dream, was trained by the recruit company to die alive. However, many of those who took the oath with them are gone. Yes, my comrades are gone, so what else can I lose? Everyone looked at each other, and Da Huyou suddenly laughed: “What are you waiting for, let’s go back together. The Northwest Army does not seek to be born in the same year, the same month and the same day, but to die in the same year, the same month and the same day.” After that, Da Huyou actually ignored the military order. , Directly turned back to follow the golden torrent and ran wildly. Zhang Xiaoman looked at Da Huyou’s back, and suddenly felt that Da Huyou was a few years younger. “Brothers of the Sixth Field Division, follow me, the marshals didn’t retreat, let’s retreat a ghost!” Someone took the lead, and someone joined. 5092 watched all this silently, and suddenly pulled out his gun. Wang Yun was surprised: “Should you not calmly persuade everyone to continue to evacuate at this time?” 5092 pointed at Ren Xiaosu’s back and asked: “How can you calm me down? I can’t calm down!” Wang Yun burst into laughter. “I am so special!” The soldiers of the first group returned to the battlefield one by one, fo