epped on the door panel with his feet, and looked at the window next to the wooden door.

The rain is still increasing, and something is faintly moving outside, and the footsteps are chaotic, as if several people are clustered together.
“It’s here!” The
door of the next room was scratched by something, as if several hands were scratching on the rough wooden door at the same time. For more than a minute, Chen Ge suddenly heard a woman’s voice coming from the door of the old man.
“Help me, help me.” The
woman cried, judging from her voice, the other person should not be too old.
“It’s what the old man is afraid of?” Chen Ge’s brain is running fast, and the old man next door seems to have known that the other person will appear long ago, pretending to sleep in the room without responding.
The strange noise on the door panel lasted for ten minutes before it disappeared. The cluttered 西安耍耍网 footsteps outside sounded again, and this time it stopped at the door of Chen Ge’s room.
That kind of creepy scratching sounded outside Chen Ge’s door, and the other party seemed to have discovered something. With more and more force, the 西安桑拿夜网 wooden door shook.
Tucked into the quilt, Chen Ge was not only a little grateful, but moved the bed to the door by himself.
The wooden door couldn’t be opened. This was different from what the monster outside thought. It scratched frantically. After a few seconds, she heard the sound of crying outside the door.
“Help me, help me, help me!” The
door shook, and Chen Ge reached into his backpack and held the Skull Smasher. He had already prepared for the worst.
But the monster outside the door only yelled a few times before it stopped, and disappeared with the sound of the door beating.
“I didn’t hear the footsteps, she hasn’t left yet! This sly guy.”
Chen Ge was lying motionless in the quilt. He wanted to look at the outside along the window. When the line of sight was just swept to the window, he said slightly. Choking.
Outside 西安品茶网 the basketball-sized window, a wom