y less unnecessary international games, might it prolong the life of his career?

“Yeah, too. With you here, I also sat on the bench and waved the towel.” Yao Ming pretended to be serious and stroked his chin.
“Look at me this year too. You should be less tired.”
“Aren’t you afraid of He Shengzhen, the world’s largest center?”
Wayne shook his head as he watched Yao Ming gearing up.
You must hate Korea.
You have to cry Hesheng Town to be happy?
Hmm, it seems to be very happy!
“Fear, why not. But if I work hard, I should be able to get him.” Wayne blinked at Yao Ming.
He Shengzhen needs to know that he has been spotted by two big guys, and it is estimated that he will withdraw from the national team soon.
Do you think he really wants to win glory for the country?
He just wants to make good grades so that he can be exempted from military service!
“Then contact me at that time. Let’s make an appointment to report on the national team together. By the way, I will also take you to familiarize yourself with it.”
“Good Brother Yao, wait for you to call at any time .” “Okay 西安耍耍论坛
, then I won’t bother. Okay . Enjoy this short vacation. I’ll go first and call if I have something to do.”
Yao Ming finished speaking and got up to say goodbye.
Staying longer, God knows how much dog food will be given.
After Yao Ming left, Wayne and Sharapova looked at each other.
“Well, I really can’t waste time.” Sharapova looked at Wayne and said meaningfully.
“Well, if you have a full plan, the vacation is only one month.”
In early August, I went to the national team to report. After a period of joint training, I will play a warm-up match at the end of August.
Play the Asian Championships from early September to mid-September, and it won’t be long before the new season’s pre-season training camp begins.
Well, in other words, since August, Wayne basically has no time to rest.
He just finished nearly 100 games.
It used 西安洗浴网 to be said that Yao Ming was too tired and tired in the summer, but