and at the same time glanced behind Riddles… She didn’t see the other friends in her academy.

“They are going to Arthur Crow Amusement Park today. Originally we bought the tickets for the amusement park and wanted to celebrate with you, but you didn’t come.” Riddles said and took out two tickets for the amusement park. “So Between the amusement park and you, those loyal guys chose the amusement park!”
“Well, because my sister’s birthday is also today, I have to spend it with her.”
Josh did receive this invitation in the newsletter. Today Arthur Crow Amusement Park has discounts, so a group of poor magic apprentices who don’t have much money can go to the only amusement park in the world.
But today is not just Josh’s birthday, it’s also her sister 西安洗浴网 Joya’s birthday.
Qiaoya is absolutely unwilling to go to the amusement park where so many strangers gather. As a sister, she plans to stay with Qiaoya for this birthday.
“It doesn’t matter… I brought you a gift!”
Riddles took 西安耍耍论坛 out a package and handed it to Josh.
Josh is holding this package, and the heavy weight inside must be some physical versions of novels.
When Josh tried to unpack the package, Riddles suddenly reached out and stopped Josh from unpacking the package.
“Are those relatives in your house?”
Riddles carefully looked at the group of people behind Josh.
Noggs noticed the peeping of the little human girl in an instant. When Noggs looked at Riddles, she immediately chose to hide behind Josh.
“It looks terrible.”
“Um…they are my father’s elder brother and eldest sister.” Josh nodded and said.
“Josh, you’d better wait to open my present after returning to the room.” Riddles said to Josh in a low voice.
“Go back to the room? Xiaorui, wouldn’t you put that kind of book in it!”
Josh’s cheeks instantly turned red, and she 西安夜网论坛 knew that this friend of hers was very broad in reading.
These include the Sherlock Holmes detective collection with the detonating stone, some dark and jerky future literatu