Messiah , do you know the uniqueness of your talent?” During the time of Herolia’s answer to Messiah, the third team had already appeared on the field.

It was a group of knights whose armor was stained with jet black, and they walked toward the center of the arena holding the flag of the country of steel high.
The appearance of the cast iron completely detonated the audience. The audience in the country of steel no longer cheered politely, but collectively shouted some ancient 西安夜网论坛 slogan.
“The aura is completely different.”
Messiah stared at the iron casters below. She could feel that some of the iron casters were not only excellent players of the Holy Spirit, but also an excellent warrior.
Messiah was very surprised by two of the iron casters. A scarlet glow of faith also appeared on his body.
“All the casters on the forum agree that they are the strongest team, and most of the spectators sitting in the audience are from the country of steel.”
Hellonia looked at the excited spectators on the field, they were big Most do not have any beliefs, or they have only one belief, and that is their country.
This sense of honor is an excellent opportunity for Heroria.
“If I can become a member of the Iron Caster now”, Herolia whispered quietly.
“Master Liya”
“This can help me collect faith very effectively.” Hellonia said, “If it weren’t for my ladder score that was not approved by the queen.”
“You really went to apply .” Messiah
heard this sentence She was slightly surprised, but before 西安洗浴网 she had time to ask, she noticed that the player from the Seabreaker team who had become her believer because of a smile on Herolia’s face, the pale golden light emitted from her body had disappeared. Instead, the power of faith is scarlet.
It’s red again
. The Brass Dragon announced the last team debut when the Messier wondered what happened.
730 The God of Quilts “Your Majesty Sheyel, I apologize for the destruction of your army.”
Queen Ekana sat in the highest position of the Crosier a