tals have never understood!” Carmel said immediately, with a certain inexplicable excitement in his tone, “Ms. Windsor, put aside the shackles of past knowledge. We are working with a brand new field. Dealing with!”

Windsor finally felt the emotional change of the ancient Gondor around him, and couldn’t help but ask unexpectedly: “Master Carmel, you seem to be very excited?”
“Yes, Ms. Windsor, we may be facing a possibility. A possibility of breaking the game!” Kamel said excitedly, but soon, he forced his control to calm down his thoughts and tone, “The characteristics of the kingdom of God correspond to an environment I once conceived. Ms. 西安夜桑拿论坛 Windsor, we should further investigate the space opposite that door.”
Windsor turned to look at the circular “mirror” in the center of the portal device. She agreed with Carmel’s words, but the explorer’s accident made her too cautious. Get up: “Maybe we should do more preparation. The problem encountered by the explorers may be just one of the dangerous factors in the kingdom of God, and even if there are no risk factors, a magic-exhausted environment can expose our personnel and equipment. Great difficulty.”
Carmel floated up a little, his eyes fixed on the “opposite scene” presented by the mirror surface. A strong impulse was surging in his arcane body, the rebels. The long-cherished wish for thousands of years and the curiosity of the source of magic as a scholar were mixed in this impulse. This impulse was enough to test the 西安桑拿按摩网 sanity of any scholar-but he remained calm.
He has been waiting for a thousand years.
“You’re right, Ms. Windsor,” Carmel lowered his 西安夜网论坛 head and said to the legendary Typhon mage next to him, “We need to let the explorer in a few more times, at least to confirm whether it has received additional damage in the depleted environment. Then send some equipment to the other side to see if the equipment can operate normally and how long it can operate in an environment where the magic power is exhausted. After collecting enough data, l