alk nonsense.” Ren Suo used the age trick, an adult’s nirvana against minors.

“Cut.” Lin Xianyu jumped out of the hospital bed: “It’s fine for you. Every day is like a holiday. It’s like us seven days a week, five days from morning to night.”
Now high school students have much better refutation ability than before, I thought before. People have to go home and sleep for a night to come up with such a great reason.
Ren Suo watched Lin
Xianyu pick up his schoolbag and asked, “I really didn’t sleep for a while?” “I slept full last night, goodbye Ren. Brother.”
“Wow on the road!”
As soon as Ren Suo turned his 西安夜桑拿网 head, he saw Lin Xianyu’s pretty face dangling in front of him, and Lin Xianyu was also very happy to see Ren Suo’s reaction, touched his head and ran away with a smile. Up.
When the door of the treatment room closed, Ren Suo yawned himself, rubbed his temples and lay on the hospital bed.
He also thought of getting Lin Xianyu’s key while she was asleep.
“Forget it, as long as the relationship is good, there will always be a chance.”
Thinking like this, Ren Suo himself fell asleep in the treatment room.
In his sleep, Ren Suo felt like he had fallen into the endless abyss of the divine sea, being touched and approached by countless tentacles
. When he woke up, he felt that there were two or three hands on his hands.
“Really comfortable!”
“I can’t bear to wake him up.”
Ren Suo opened his eyes and saw Dong Chengling and other 西安耍耍网 nurses reaching out to touch his hair.
(╬ ̄車 ̄): “What are you doing?”
“It’s night now!” Dong Chengling said: “You slept all day.”
Then, she rubbed Ren Suo’s hair again. . The other nurses let go, but rubbed them again before letting go. 西安足浴spa
“So, why are you touching my head?”
“I don’t know, but I feel very comfortable!”
Ren Suo sat up and looked outside. The sky was already dark, and there was a big bird flying by, and so did Ren Suo. I can barely see it.
It’s May now, and looking at the time, it is almost seven o’clock.
“I actually sle