the note and read it softly.

“Flowers send a glamorous willow on the waist, and the goddess peeks at Fengyue Grottoes. Lang holds the spring organ and plays softly, and the sister welcomes the autumn rain for nine nights.”
A very frivolous poem.
It can 西安足浴spa also be regarded as a love poem, which roughly means that a young girl moves her heart, and is in harmony with a man, one playing the piano and the other dancing and flying to the sky.
The other students snickered, and the student who took the note lowered his head in shame.
Jiang Hao thought for a while, 西安洗浴网 did not scold him, patted the student lightly on the shoulder, and said: “It stands to reason that you are already fourteen or five years old. When you are young, I can understand these thoughts.”
“But, The county exam only has less than a month. Do you think there is still time to see these? If you can pass the exam, it will not be too late to see these.”
The student was even lowered by Jiang Hao.
“Teacher, I was wrong.”
Jiang Hao smiled.
“And let me tell you, this poem of yours is very finished. It is full of charm and delicacy in its frivolousness. It is not elegant. If you want to write love poems, you must be knowledgeable. What is said in the Analects, Zi said: “” “Guanju”, happy but not lewd, sad but not hurt”.”
The student who was taken the note by Jiang Hao was very courageous. He raised his head to see if Jiang 西安桑拿按摩网 Hao looked angry, and asked cautiously.
“Teacher Xu, how do you think love poems should be written?” The
other students all looked at Jiang Hao enthusiastically.
Youth, liveliness, desire for the opposite sex, yearning for love, this is nature.
Jiang Hao thought for a while, and said, “I made a new poem recently, so I’ll tell you the first half.”
“There is another story here . I went to the riverside that day and saw a hunter hit a wild goose. Her lover kept screaming in the sky, and finally saw that the wild goose died. The one in the sky did not fly away, but fell down and fell to death.”
All the st