face, “how , No confidence? Worried about not managing all of this?”

If someone else asks the same question, then the best answer is undoubtedly no. Heidi will respond with her usual maturity and calmness to respond to her own abilities. Questioned. 西安夜网论坛
But the person in front of him is his ancestor, the pillar of the Cecil family, and the person who has supported and led this land from 800 refugees and a tent all the way to today. In front of him, his own reservedness and stubbornness will be affected. See through at a glance.
“There is indeed some worry.” Heidi nodded slightly.
“You can do it well,” Gawain patted Hetty on the shoulder. “When the Cecil family was in decline, you were the one who supported the family to persevere. Nowadays, the entire government affairs office is also in operation. Your management is well organized, and you are more capable than you think.”
Heidi wanted to say that the territory she helped Rebecca govern was only a viscountry, but now Cecil is the entire southern duchy. There is a huge difference between the two, but looking at Gawain Nayin 西安耍耍网 With a smiling face, her heart settled quickly.
“I see,” she lowered her head, “I won’t let you down.”
“Just don’t let the people down . It ‘s not easy for them to live a good life,” Gawain nodded, “Don’t worry, I will go along the way. Set up a magic net relay device, 西安夜桑拿论坛 even on the edge of the wasteland, I will keep in touch with the territory. In addition, the road builder’s road construction has been more than half completed, and we will have a convenient road through the black forest. With modern vehicles and roads, you will soon find that the seemingly distant wasteland is not too far away from you.”
This day is the 30th of the harvest month, and there are 15 days before the harvest festival.
After two days of preparations and personnel transfers, the first batch of materials sent to the south were loaded with advanced magic transport vehicles, and a large-scale convoy-the technological crystallization of Cecil M