constantly rising, reaching more than 23,000 votes.

In the voting for the semi-finals, the audience can choose a contestant in each round. While Roya’s singing has been appreciated by the audience, many audiences think that the shabby 西安夜桑拿论坛 boy’s singing cannot win such an excellent opera. Home.
The scales of victory seem to have begun to tilt.
“Thank you.” Luo Ya bowed to the audience, and then looked at Home, who was standing on the other side, with a slightly abusive gaze.
At this moment, Holm knew 西安桑拿按摩网 that it was finally his turn, and the host also walked over and handed him the protospar with strong inscriptions.
Holm’s legs trembled towards the front of the stage, his eyes turned to the audience sitting on the stage.
The cheers and applause stopped at this moment. Holm felt the doubtful eyes from all directions. The boos from the audience in the last game seemed to have echoed in Holm’s ears.
He couldn’t help shaking his hand holding the original spar, but the accompaniment rang at this moment.
Must sing. Holm puts his mouth in front of the microphone, but his brain is blank.
He has forgotten all the lyrics of the lyrics. The
accompaniment has been going on. It has reached the point where he should start singing the first lyrics, but he finds that he can’t sing at all.
The audience’s questioning eyes turned into contempt, 西安品茶网 and huge pressure surrounded him, and Holm felt a little faint and nauseous in his head.
In the end, he couldn’t help covering his mouth, and the first line of lyrics turned into a voice of vomiting.
On this stage, he directly vomited what he had eaten in the morning, and he knelt on the ground weakly.
The audience did not boo him this time, but laughed one after another.
“Is this the clown hired by the organizer”
“This kind of performance shouldn’t appear on the stage.”
“I have heard his singing yesterday, and indeed shouldn’t be on this stage.”
All kinds of discussions poured into Huo. In Mu’s ears, Holm vomited all the stomach acid in his stomac