Sun Hao didn’t expect this request.
Could it be that Holger was also attracted by his own personal 西安夜桑拿论坛 charm?
of course not.
After chatting a few more words, Holger and Sun Hao talked about something he hadn’t considered.
After Nash was traded to leave the team, the team organizes the question of who will relay.
This, Sun Hao really didn’t think about it carefully before.
Theoretically speaking, he is the one to relay.
But there is one thing to say, his passing is not so good.
And this is why Holt came to him.
Nash’s passing talent is unmatched by the Mavericks.
So either accept the blank left by his departure, or find a way to fill it.
Holt is not the head coach of the Mavericks. He can’t decide how the Mavericks choose, but he can decide Nowitzki.
His idea is to train Nowitzki’s passing ability.
But doing so meant to divide the organizational gap, and it was useless for Nowitzki to train alone, so he wanted to find Sun 西安足浴spa Hao.
Of course, Sun Hao couldn’t say that Bodi Loga might go to the Mavericks, because that matter hasn’t been written yet.
Moreover, he really should improve his passing ability.
Combo guards, as the name suggests, are not good at scoring.
Previously, he wanted to gain a foothold in the NBA, so he focused on one direction with all his strength.
Now that his scoring means and ability are enough for him to gain a foothold in the NBA, it is imperative to improve passing.
Moreover, both he and Nowitzki have developed relatively good passing abilities.
Bodilloga is here, and that’s the real thing.
Even if Bodilloga can’t come, the strength of the Mavericks has improved significantly.
Sun Hao agreed.
And in the chat, Nowitzki also told Sun Hao good news.
He also called Nash.
Although Nash has been traded to Golden State, it 西安夜网论坛 does not affect their private relationship.
Training together in summer is also normal.
Sun Hao looked forward to the thought of being able to train with that jealous guy again.
The next day, the quarterfina