this guy’s GANK failed, he knocked on the keyboard angrily and accidentally pressed the R key.

200,000 people were watching the domestic live broadcast online. Not long ago, the excitement of the monkey’s strong killing of the tower made everyone convinced that this monkey must be a master. Who knows that it didn’t take long before there was such a funny picture on the bottom road. This You don’t even know what the monkey is thinking.
Xie Lianda also shook his head helplessly at this time, no matter how such a low-level mistake was committed, he naturally had to rush back to the line to develop if he couldn’t keep up with the output.
Not knowing what happened, Xie Lianda, who was planning to leave, took a subconscious look at the monkey who was sweeping the big move.
Suddenly, Xie Lianda suddenly realized something, and those eyes were staring at the monkey that swept away!
The golden storm is still spinning and moving, and the speed of this movement is getting faster and faster.
The monkey’s ultimate move can last for 4 seconds. Xie Lianda really felt that this was an empty shot at first, but when he discovered that the monkey was constantly approaching the half-blooded Nami through the 4-second acceleration of the ultimate move, Xie Lianda’s face was a bit unbelievable! !
This is not empty at all! ! !
Xie Lianda slapped his thigh fiercely. He was really a mid-single player for a long time, and he forgot that in addition to the knock-up and damage caused by the monkey’s ultimate move, there is actually another attribute that is extremely easy to overlook, that is, acceleration! !
Yes, the monkey’s ultimate move will continue to increase within 4 seconds of release! !
The problem is that everyone subconsciously regards this skill as a group control tactic of knocking flying and damage, and a few people will have such a jump in thinking, treating this tactic as purely an acceleration skill! !
The speed increased, getting closer and closer to Nami. Nami was also mocking the monkey at the b