rld Games all night long.”

“Except for this. In addition, the network club has created a unique challenge mode. Any team can challenge the guardian team of the club. Defeating the guardian team can directly take away the accumulated cash in the glass window.”
“As of today, the cash has been accumulated. Thirty thousand yuan. If nothing else, the bonus will continue to accumulate until there is a LOL team that can be taken away, and then the next round of accumulation!”
“A novel network club management model, a trendy ring challenge system, this What kind of magic power does the Internet club have to stand out in the declining Internet cafe industry? More and more people are gathering here for expensive consumption. Let us enter this club together to have a look.”
Radio in black professional attire The host made an opening remark with fluent speech, and the barrel-level camera was being held on the key by a fat man, and the host was motionless and let the host finish all the words.
The background of the host is exactly the Demacia network club, the big characters and the absolute Demacia atmosphere give people a kind of unique intimacy of friends!
The media reports came very suddenly. Boss Lei had already asked the people in the club to rehearse many times, and he was determined not to show any discrepancies.
First, the host took a follow-up shot of the environment of the Demacia Clubhouse.
The host reporter praised this unique club without being stingy.
Internet cafes always give people a feeling of cigarette butts on the floor, messy keyboards, noisy shouts, and washing, cutting and blowing everywhere.
The decoration of the Demacia Network Club is based on the model of an emotional cafe and a cozy bar.
You can come here to surf the Internet, you can also come here to have a coffee and chat, you can also taste a little wine and talk about LOL. If your hands are itchy, you can go to the boot and play a few games, and you can sit on the sofa in the lobby to relax when you have a game. Comfortab