smile. Step by step, she walked forward, mottled and ancient, filled with a large number of portals symbolizing gods and spirits.

In his mouth, Su Wu began to recite the mantra.
Her voice is still Lena Swinton, but everyone can hear it.
The person who chanted the mantra was definitely not Lena Swinton.
It is an extremely ancient and complicated language, beyond the scope of anyone in the field of mysticism knowledge. Every note is full of distortion and pollution. At the moment Reina Swinton spoke, a dark storm was in front of the portal. break out.
It is like rust, condensed into a substance, inside is endless madness, a kind of indescribable death, the rot that breeds in the darkness, a fuzzy, crazy face emerges in the storm, facing Tang Qiwu People let out a sharp laugh.
The cold breath seems to be directly acting on the soul, and the five people are being frozen.
The rust became a little darker, and gradually covered their bodies.
Their thinking began to become slow and numb, as if they had come to a cliff, fell towards the endless dark abyss below, and soon lost all perception.
Before falling into absolute darkness, their eyes simultaneously reflected on the towering portal.
Following the terrifying spell, three stone slabs suddenly emerged from the door. They were like three stone “keys”, slowly leaving.
On the stone slab, a picture that made the five people feel familiar appeared. The skill and divine brilliance belonged to the portrayal of the “origin mural”, the god of wisdom Kells.
“Prophecy slate?”
Several people thought of the murals they had seen before.
Kells, who prevented the evil king from “destroying the world with a meteor,” left three prophetic tablets before his fall.
Today, it actually appeared in this way.
The first stone slab depicts the sinking of the Mayan holy city Teotim and the demise of the Azites, the successors of status. This does not seem shocking. As the god of wisdom, one can expect the duration of a civilization to be normal.
The secon