t of view, it should be before she came here. Maybe she wanted to tell herself that she was here, but she happened to have her mobile phone in the room to charge.

“Yu Luosheng, don’t say you didn’t see it just now.” Lin Dong poked his head over and said.
“I saw it” Yu Luosheng gave a wry smile.
“You two, I really don’t understand you. First, you were looking for her all over the world, and finally you found her, but neither of them picked it up. Then she finally gathered up the courage to give up her job in the United States and left her family. I want to be with you when I return home, but you pretend that you don’t know anything.” Lin Dong shook his head.
Lin Dong will never forget that Yu Luosheng asked himself to use hacking techniques to keep track of an IP, and the owner of this IP is Yiqin.
And Yiqin also made her own determination and chose to return to China. Everyone knows what she chose for her.
“I don’t know. I don’t want to think about it so much now. Let me get something from Qianmeng.” Yu Luosheng said.
“It seems that you still prefer Qianmeng?”
“I take Yiqin’s things.” Yu Luosheng said angrily.
“Damn, you are too shameless.”
Yu Luosheng was too lazy to deal with Lin Dong. Qiqiao said before that the old posters sent from China had never been given to Yiqin. He went to Qianmeng’s room to get them that day. Who knew Qianmeng? What I said suddenly made myself confused.
When she walked to Qianmeng’s room, Qianmeng had the same sixth sense. Before Yu Luosheng could speak, she walked into the room and handed herself the poster carefully wrapped in special soft paper.
“I wanted to take it that day, and I always forgot to give it to her.” Yu Luosheng explained that Qianmeng was watching her, so she explained embarrassingly.
“Don’t you look at it?” Qianmeng realized that Yu Luosheng didn’t mean to open it, so she asked.
“Have you seen it?” Yu Luosheng glanced at the package, it seemed that this thing had not been opened.
“I haven’t seen it, but I know what it is.” Qianmeng sa