en included in the profession.

When he was playing with the Blood Sculpture SOLO, he showed a strong strength that was not lost to the Blood Sculpture, and when facing the white wind, his operation and style of play were quite confident!
Among the heroes that Bai Feng is good at, the male gun is one of them. Many ADCs of LPL teams use male guns in front of him, which is definitely an axe.
But have you seen this kind of male spear that is so mad as to be clicked by someone, and directly hit the person’s face with a set of skills?
In the face of Baifeng, several ADCs in China dare to do this!
With this courage, many people on the scene have already given thumbs up! !
“This guy played conservatively, as if he couldn’t find a chance to kill him.” Wu Sen said.
Yu Luosheng nodded, and Bai Feng was Bai Feng after all. With such a big disadvantage in the early stage, he didn’t even show any flaws when he walked backward.
Although Bai Feng suffered a lot from the matchups several times, he unknowingly started to chase him back!
“Uh, this guy, the compensation is more stable than you!” Wu Sen glanced at the number of compensation, and found that the number of compensation was as different as possible by 10.
“Well, he just used the waves that I fought with him just now, and invisibly asked me to push the line of soldiers to him, and then he controlled the line of soldiers a little outside the tower, where he was very safe to develop a patch.
” No way, he is such a chicken thief??” Wu Sen was stunned!
Lure and fight, use the male gun group effect to force the line forward.
You know, once the inferior side is controlled by the opponent’s line, it is very difficult to go up and replenish the troops.
Bai Feng used this very cleverly to push the pawn line back to his side, ensuring that his development would no longer be restricted.
I have to admit that it is really rare for Baifeng to maintain this wit under this situation.
Bringing the disadvantages back in subtle ways, this is an important skill