this moment.

He will hide in the dark and let his “curse” be fulfilled one by one, until the Pope and Philip IV have been “condemned” and you die because of an accident. He miraculously’resurrected’ like Jesus, came to the bright place again, and logically restored the status of the chief, retrieved everything’belonging’ to him, revitalized the Knights Templar, and allowed this organization to reach in history Unprecedented and fabulous peak. “It’s
impossible that you don’t want to lie to me again!” “The earl shouted, “I won’t believe you anymore!” wizard! Every word that comes out of your tongue is a note from hell! ”
Tianyiyi: “Let’s make it clear. My goal has been achieved. The treasures are now sleeping at the core of the ruins. Unless I help you, even you, as the person involved, can’t go back and take out those treasures now. .
Mr. Earl, you have to recognize the situation. When we return to the world above, who is your enemy, who is threatening your life, and who is your ally, trying to keep you alive. Don’t make foolish and wrong decisions because of personal emotional likes and dislikes and a dozen people who have died. “The
earl said: “You don’t need an ally like you, if I have a chance, I will kill you!” ”
Tian Yi spread his hands, not at all angry: “Of course, this is your freedom, but my advice is” he said, suddenly took out a small diamond-shaped crystal from his pocket and threw it to the count: “Let’s go up. In the future, you take the time to use this thing to keep those marks of your Templars in the Colosseum, and by the way, trace the symbol I drew at the entrance. Next, I will be responsible for letting some reliable people release news on Daoer, saying that your secrets have been buried forever with you.
After that, we will go our separate ways. You are no longer an ordinary person. In your own words, you are also half a wizard. Moreover, all the people in contact with you are dead. As long as you don’t take the initiative to reveal your identity, no one can track your whereab