d changed from Jiao Didi’s panic. Become a murderous, glamorous, demon.

The scarlet little tongue licked his mouth lightly, a pair of eyes projected a breathtaking light, but the whole body smelled of a human-eating fairy.
This place is still the ragged, panicked Xiao Hanbing just now, she is simply the fairy queen who specially seduce men to wild monsters and dig her heart to eat!
Brown realized that he couldn’t beat the ice at all, and stumbled away.
“Swish, swish, swish~~~~~~~~~” The
slowing ice arrow hit from behind, causing Brown’s dragon girl to move more slowly.
Obviously it is too late to get out.
The blood volume is still falling, and only 10% is left.
Damn, help, who will save me, where are my teammates? ? ?
Brown’s inner monologue at this time is like this, but he himself seems to have forgotten that he himself had caught up with the beauty when he saw the beauty running to the wilderness. He thought that he would be able to upset the cloud and rain, but he was counterattacked and his life was lost.
“Goodbye.” Qianmeng spit out coldly.
The last arrow will send you directly to the west, go back to the spring and reflect on it!
The arrow flew past and directly penetrated the brown dragon girl’s armor.
Brown’s dragon girl was full of arrows like a hedgehog at this time, and after falling heavily on the river, the direction she was facing was exactly where the poodle was.
The two people were equally dead in horror, and equally dead in disbelief, staring at each other.
“I said she is well equipped!” Yue Hanlin said hesitantly.
Brown looked desperate and clicked on the equipment slot.
Endless Blade, Lightning Blade, and the last whisper! ! !
Three gods outfit, this equipment applauded? ?
Nima’s equipment is so good! ! !
why? ? Why does this ice have such equipment.
Impossible, impossible, it’s only about 26 minutes, that is to say, this guy has the three gods in 24 minutes, and she doesn’t have many heads. Why would there be such equipment? The Chinese national te