in a group, he can only silently drop the road by himself. After all, there is no two-piece set of electric blade and endless equipment. ADC is basically in the group. Can’t play a big enough role in the war.

For the British ADC, who cannot take care of his life, the two-piece set of electric blade and endless is nowhere in sight.
“The ruling ability of Yu Luosheng’s bottom lane is indeed too defying. Hephaestus has nothing to do with him. It is not a level of strength at all.” On the VIP seat of the British stage, one was dyed with short blue hair. The man said with a smile.
“Hephaestus is okay, their ADC is really bad.” Han Zongzhi said disdainfully.
Not long ago, South Korea and the United Kingdom finished the game. Their team did not leave the United Kingdom because it will be South Korea facing China in London next week.
Han Zongzhi has been waiting for this game for a long time, and he has to take revenge for winning the championship if he says anything! !
In the S League, Han Zongzhi lost all his face and was almost ineligible to participate in the Olympics due to e-sports ethics. Fortunately, Cui Woo’s approach to the sky allowed him to sit firmly on the top ADC position of the South Korean national team.
During this period of time, he has been playing games with other countries, and Han Zongzhi felt boring, because no other country would be their opponent to the Korean Hell Army.
The more boring, Han Zongzhi looks forward to the day he fights with China. He has to recover everything he has lost from that guy Yu Luosheng, and let everyone know that it is just luck that he can win the world championship. That’s it! !
“An Luoxuan, I think you and I want to fix that guy fiercely, next week he will have to kneel in front of us begging for mercy!” Han Zhuangzhi said viciously.
“I can’t talk about repairing, but I really want to fight him again.” An Luoxuan said calmly.
“What do you do if you say so nicely, in short, the two of us must easily blow them up. Didn’t you see their inability t