arn from Su Yu, elicit more powerful dead spirits, and kill these people. When the

creatures reach this point, they die by themselves and don’t want others to feel better. It’s a normal mentality.
Pull a few people to bury Su Yu, of course La Suyu, Su Yu is not there, these big clan powerhouses and geniuses are the targets.
This time the disaster was also caused by these big clans.
Before they had a few discussions, they thought it was secret, but never thought that these people seemed to be waiting for them.
The talking sun and moon’s face changed for a while, and she bowed her head and said, “Thank you, Modo, the demon lord misunderstood.”
Modona said calmly: “It’s okay, but I don’t want to add chaos to myself at this time. Besides, it’s not a dead end now, really. If you want to leave, there is still a way.”
Everyone’s eyes lit up.
Modona shook his head again and said: “It’s difficult, first, go out of the dead river moat! Survival rate, one and two!”
“Second, come invincible again, and reach an agreement with the necromantic monarch in the city, as was the case last time. But the sun and the moon are falling!”
“Third, find a way to lure the dark dragon out, kill him, and seize his city lord’s order, and you can forcibly open the city gate and go out!”
“Fourth, the dark devil in the city ??is just the puppet city lord, really The guardians of are the ancient stone sculptures in the apse. Some conditions may be met.”
“Fifth, find Su Yu, kill Su Yu, or block him, you can go out in three days!”
“Sixth, reach an agreement with Su Yu Although he is incarnate as a resident, he has not yet died. People have hope and needs when they live. I believe that Su Yu will not be willing to become a living dead. He also wants to reverse his fate and return again, and he does not want to sink into the realm of the dead! ”
Modona said, looking at other people, mainly those geniuses, and said indifferently: “It really can’t. We can also be converted into residents, so we can naturally survi