ty is revealed, you should not go out. After you go out, you are now on the Profound List. Probably the ranking of Ten Thousand Races has also risen. You, Cui Lang, may be worth hundreds of thousands of points now. Be careful of being assassinated!”

Cui Lang was speechless, somewhat dull.
After a long time, suddenly said: “President, I hate you!”
Niu Baidao was speechless, why do you hate me?
It’s not that I forcibly forced you to lend your 西安耍耍论坛 identity to others, but you lent it to Su Yu happily. What good is it for you to hate me now?
Niu Baidao calmly said: “It’s okay, don’t you just cast a soldier at the level? Isn’t it the 18th in the Profound List? Just like Su Yu’s virtue and Langcheng, within half a year, his identity will inevitably be exposed, and then it will have nothing to do with you. Yes, of course, you also earned a reputation. At least the Human Realm and the heavens and all the races know that there is a Cui Lang. ”
When his identity is exposed, other people will naturally look for Su Yu instead of you, so don’t be afraid.
Cui Lang gritted his teeth and said: “President, even if I am a real person, everyone will have to wonder if this is Su Yu’s outfit, right?” It
seems to be too!
Ning kills the mistake and never let it go!
Regardless of whether it is the real Cui Lang or the fake Cui Lang, it may be Su Yu anyway. 西安桑拿按摩网
Niu Baidao calmly said: “It’s okay, anyway, you don’t go out of the Daming Mansion very much. It
is enough to go to the battlefield of the heavens.” Soothing without sincerity!
Cui Lang was depressed. I was so stupid. I actually lent my identity to Su Yu. This guy is really better than himself, so let’s change his name to Su Lang!
But thinking about it, it’s a little cool.
At least, all races now know my name, Cui Lang, and the danger is a little bit more dangerous. Isn’t this becoming famous?
Don’t you just figure out your personality, fame, and fortune when you hang around for a lifetime?
Now that I have a name, I’m afraid there i