le to be silent at all.

With so many people present, how could it be possible that no one heard the noise? Who removed Xu Xia’s body?
At this time, Ren Xiaosu suddenly remembered the fish bones and fish that he had lost before, and it seemed that it had disappeared like this: there were no traces, and it was completely impossible to judge what did it.
At that time, he guessed it was an ant, but this time it can’t be an ant. No matter how the ant evolves, it can’t move such a large corpse overnight.
Now, Ren Xiaosu’s heart is also enveloped by a shadow. He frowned and thought, what is it doing?
Liu Bu tremblingly looked at Xu Xianchu: “Sir, let’s go back, this is too weird.”
Xu Xianchu held a gun and warned out: “I am as scared as you are, but I said that I must go to Jingshan. The 西安夜桑拿网 reason for this!”
“But this wood is really weird!” Liu Bu almost cried.
“Get in the car for me and get out of this ghost place!” Xu Xianchu roared angrily.
From this moment on, Ren Xiaosu always held the bone knife in his hand, and his brain was completely active, always guarding against the arrival 西安耍耍论坛 of any danger.
48. All the motivation for human behavior comes from death
. Why did Xu Xia’s body disappear? Where did the missing body go? These two questions are like a shadow that can’t go away in everyone’s heart.
And Ren Xiaosu has been thinking about a question, if the other party can make a corpse so big disappear silently, then why not attack the living?
With the strength of the opponent, it can definitely cause extremely heavy casualties to the entire camp in the dead of night.
There is a weirdness in this matter.
Everyone was sitting in the car, only Ren Xiaosu was sitting in the pickup truck bucket. When I came, everyone opened the window, talked, laughed, and sang!
As a result, everyone is closing the windows tightly, for fear that something unclean will suddenly come in and kill everyone.
They feel that an extra 西安耍耍网 layer of windows can make themselves safer.
As Ren Xiaosu sat in the c