alm into a “Hui” font. Su Yu looked up to the sky, the Necrotic Tianhe was more like a tent!

The four sides below are the Tianhe that everyone sees. What you haven’t seen is actually 西安桑拿夜网 covering the entire realm!
Lead Quartet!
“No tent, it’s more like a bowl, a big bowl being put!” It’s
not an upside-down one, but the edge of the bowl spreads out in all directions, covering the entire undead realm, and by the way, it will lead the dead strong. .
The more Su Yu looked, the more shocked he became.
He now has a lot of insights.
The founder of the Necromancer Tianhe should also be the founder of the Necromancer Avenue, this one, really wants to open a world, will such a strong man die?
Who can kill him?
The Master of the Human Body Dao encounters this one, and it is highly likely that he will be killed.
With such thoughts, Su Yu soon set foot on the Necropolis.
In the Tianhe, countless corpses floated, and a large number of them sank in the river water, which could not be seen at all.
A golden light came up from Su Yu’s 西安夜网论坛 feet, and the surrounding dead spirits, some conscious, retreated one after another.
The unconscious is directly ablated by golden light.
at the same time.
Northern Kingdom.
At this moment, over the Northern King’s Domain, a great seal was floating. It was the Northern King’s Seal. The Great Seal erupted in a gloomy light covering most of the Northern King’s Domain. Outside the boundary, some powerful men in the Southern and Eastern Palaces , Under the leadership of Nan Wang, it is advancing step by step!
Compress Beiwang’s realm!
But at this moment, over the Northern Palace, the Northern King appeared, looking far away, and the Southern King instantly looked over there.
Over there, a faint golden light emerged.
Nan Wang’s face changed slightly. Has this generation of people come in?
In the distance, the Northern King was even more 西安夜桑拿论坛 complicated, and he said in a deep voice, “Southern King, it should be the lord of the human race! I said, I only have on