If you don’t die, I won’t kill you today. What do you think?” The

Emperor Underworld looked solemn, and the next moment, he said coldly, “King Wen, no matter how strong you are, you are only one person. ”
He looked at the strong man next to him, and he felt a lot more emboldened.
Su Yu smiled lightly: “It’s the first class anyway. I really don’t want to take me a try? Let’s see if I have made any progress in the past few years.西安夜网论坛 In Tianmen, I have suffered multiple injuries?”
Su Yu smiled brightly. “How about trying? If you alone don’t dare to pick you up together, take my move, and you’ll give it up today!” The
Emperor Underworld looked heavy.
When King Wen and King Wu appeared, he was actually a little frightened, a little scared, and didn’t want to fight again.
Because even if there is a real victory, I am afraid that many people will die!
At this moment, Wang Wen said that he would give up today. He didn’t take it seriously. He was just thinking, how strong is Wang Wen after he has been in Tianmen for many years?
Is he injured?
It vaguely felt that he was injured, and his breath was erratic, and the same was true for King Wu. Perhaps both of them were seriously injured.
On his side, at this moment, plus the seven or eight powerhouses who came before, they have reached as many as 30!
If it is King Wen and King Wu, it is really impossible to fight if two people can kill 30 strong men.
The Emperor Underworld looked gloomy and coldly said: “King Wen, how much power do you have? Bluff!”
Su Yu smiled 西安耍耍网and said, “Try it. If I was bluffing, wouldn’t I just give you a chance?”
Su Yu smiled brightly. , The next moment, a giant pen appeared in his hand. At this moment, the power of the surrounding world was covered. The Emperor Underworld and the others vaguely felt that something was wrong, but at this moment they all looked at King Wen and King Wu with full attention.
The rulers behind him all sweat a little.
There are some rulers of the King Wen, who came from the late Jin